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Monday, January 26, 2009


January 26, 2009

This year I have been thinking about reversals. We address psychological energy reversals in the analysis and clearing-healing process, but I wondered if perhaps we should be addressing other reversals--all reversals people might have. Since a person's Council has to approve each and everything we do, it's not like we are interfering by addressing them. If there is a little resistance from a person's Council, we ask for grace and clearance to proceed. If there is a lot of resistance, we leave it alone. Each reversal will be dealt with individually.

I retrieved a voice mail message early this morning from a very troubled female who was very upset--someone we've been assisting for a while with good results, but who always seems to revert back to her previous condition. Very unusual! I wondered if she might have reversals and if the team addressing them might help. I checked and found she had 20--more than anybody else I checked this morning! Another gal who was referred to me recently and called very upset (and whom I asked to e-mail her situation instead--no calls please) was found to have 13 reversals. A cosmic, sensitive young man in Texas whom we've been assisting for several months (and is doing better overall) had 11. Others we've been assisting recently ranged from 6 down to 2. Aha!

I wondered what reversals are about--if they are in place because of the lessons our divine souls have planned to learn during this lifetime. Got that is not the case. I wondered if they are just something that occurs by virtue of our living here in 3D. Well, sort of! Then I asked if they are about karma. Yes! That is the main cause of reversals! Now I'm not much of a karma person. I'm a grace person. I claim grace! Sometimes people are carrying the karma of other people as well as their own. If one doesn't want to do that, one might affirm: "In the name of the Christ and under the law of Grace, I [your name] decree I am clearing and releasing all the karma of other people that I'm carrying now." Or one might just tell one's "people": "I want all the karma of other people I'm carrying cleared and released now." One adds to the end of these: "I want this to be immediate, up and down the verticals, up and down the time lines, and permanent." For good measure, one might do both.

On the subject of reversals, I asked how we would address them in the clearing-healing process and thought of various verbs, which were rejected. So I asked, "What's the word?" The immediate response was "suspend." Fascinating how important words and wording are when clearing and healing. So now we will ask how many reversals a person is under on the analysis. During the clearing-healing process, we will suspend them (as allowed by the individual's Council).

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