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Thursday, February 19, 2009


February 19, 2009

As a result of the last blog, several people have inquired about spiritual awakening. Several weeks ago, I purchased a used book from a library's used book sale titled A Field Guide to the Soul: A Down-to-Earth Handbook of Spiritual Practice, authored by James Thornton, published in 1999. I strongly recommend this book to those who are committed to spiritual awakening and spiritual evolution. From the front inside flap: "After a career as one of the nation's top environmental lawyers, James Thornton spent several years on retreat, culminating in a meeting with the Dalai Lama, who asked him to teach a path of integration and wholeness. In A Field Guide to the Soul, Thornton leads us through a series of contemplative exercises designed to clarify the body, mind, and heart, and make a deep connection with the wisdom encoded in the natural world. His nature writing is joyously lyrical; the book as a whole is immensely practical, drawing on Jungian psychology, and Buddhist, Hindu, and Christian teachings, to give us the tools to work for the benefit of all living things. At a time when people are desperate to make some sense of their lives, Thornton shows us how to embark on our own hero's journey. Only by taking full responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions can we bring about the revolution in consciousness that is so vital today. In order to discover how to care for the Earth and all its inhabitants, we must first learn how to care for ourselves. Here is a practical manual that shows us the way."

I will only provide some of the chapter and subchapter titles here. Chapter 1, "Invitation to a Journey," includes sections titled "Listening to the Landscape," "A Voice in the Wilderness," and "Absolute Sincerity." Chapter 2, "On the Threshold of the Soulpaths," includes "What Do We Trust?," "Questions at the Threshold," "Beyond Suffering," and "Are You Happy?" Chapter 3, "A Natural History of the Soul," includes "The Psyche and the Soul," "Practicing Toward Wisdom," "Three Ways of the Soul." Chapter 4, "The Way of the Mind," includes "Living the Ensouled Mind," "The Mind and Its Thoughts," "Looking Into Our Emotions," "Deep Listening," "Less Stress, More Creative Intuition." Chapter 5, "The Way of the Heart," includes "Asking," "Calling Down What You Need," "The Beasts in the Forests of Our Hearts," "Loving-kindness," "Ravished by Grace, Penetrated by Light." Chapter 6, "The Way of Action," includes: "Giving up the Fruits of Our Actions," "Radical Confidence." Chapter 7, "Nature is My Teacher," includes: "Talking with What Lives," "Deep Silence," "On Being Shattered, or the Lobster's Tale." Chapter 8, "Toward Homo Gaians," includes: "The Tapestry of Life and Light," "Emerging Global Wisdom." The short final chapter, "The Song of the Earth," is prose.

This book is going on the "Recommended Reading List" I share with others.

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