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Monday, June 01, 2009


June 1, 2009

In recent weeks, there was a discussion in one of my Yahoo groups about the so-called Shadow side of the self. The short definition of the Shadow is that it is comprised of unclaimed and disowned thoughts and emotions, which arise out of basic primal survival instincts. The average human tends to suppress and deny thoughts and urges that society and family deem unacceptable. As one might guess, we begin doing this in early childhood. The problem with this is that these unacceptable thoughts and emotions can build up and come out in unexpected, embarrassing ways and even result in acts of violence and depravity (the latter in extreme cases).

One school of thought insists the Shadow, the dark side of the self, must be embraced and integrated for one to become whole. This can be a stressful process. Another school of thought says that it is adequate to just witness the Shadow expressing as the unacceptable thoughts and emotions come up and not to feed it with energy by reacting to it. There are various other philosophies concerning the Shadow in addition to these. Some suggest allowing the Shadow part/dark side to express--up to a point.

My thoughts ran along the line that the Shadow is a part of the body-mind rather than the soul/divine mind (and there are others who agree with me on this). The soul separates from the body and mind after death of the body, so why would the soul mind need to integrate the Shadow? Suppressing isn't healthy, but neither is expressing. It would seem that witnessing the Shadow and exercising dominion over the Shadow would be appropriate.

When pondering this issue and questioning for the purpose of finding the correct wording to use concerning Shadow work, I was given that neither witnessing nor integrating is preferred--that transfiguration is the action to take. (My advisors often use words that aren't used much in 3D 21st century.) When I looked up the word "transfiguration" in the dictionary, I found one of the definitions of the verb "transfigure" means to change spiritually. To change something spiritually can also mean to transmute (a term used many times in the clearing-healing process we provide).

In recent weeks, I had begun the process of integrating my Shadow (the unclaimed, repressed, and denied thoughts and emotions from the beginning of this body's life). So far, nothing horrible has revealed itself, but it hasn't felt "right" (for lack of a better word). After receiving the input that the Shadow is not to be integrated but to be transfigured, I decided to put a stop to the integration and began the transfiguration process. The transfiguration of the Shadow has been added to the clearing-healing process we provide (using specific wording we won't include here). Only what is allowed by the individual's governing Council will be accomplished--nothing more, nothing less.

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