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Thursday, January 28, 2010


January 28, 2010

Email Received (partial) from a person who found an in-depth prayer on the Internet that she has begun using: I have been finding some kind of blocks in manifesting lately. I was removing negative dendrites that were blocking me from instant manifestation of my desires. There were hordes of them I was removing every day, but still I was stuck. Did some investigating, as I knew that there was something else in the way. Did some dowsing and found out that I had negative programs installed by the Illuminati that were blocking me from instant manifestation of my desires, wants, and needs. Did this prayer and had the negative program removed, and also found out that I had negative programs of poverty, scarcity, and lack. Removed them, too. I also discovered that I have negative programs that were sabotaging and blocking me from releasing my desire for and addictions to cigarettes. That's going next. Now, I'm going to get down to some serious manifestation. People, anything that seems to be blocking you in anyway, could be changed by removing a negative program that is in the way. If you’re having financial problems, try removing negative programs. Ask to remove all negative programs installed by the Illuminati that are sabotaging and blocking you from instant manifestation of your desires and financial abundance. Ask to have all negative programs of poverty, lack, scarcity, and limitation installed by the Illuminati.

Response: Good work! However, it remains to be seen that you are now going to have instant manifestation of your “desires, wants, and needs.” There can be many reasons such programs are in place, and sometimes they are in place as a means for souls to learn and grow and evolve as per the soul’s life plan. It is always to affirm, “Soul’s will be done!” When we are not living 100% by divine soul’s will, we come partially from the human body mind (personality, ego). Sometimes the root and core causes of a particular issue can be found in and cleared from past lives. There can be a lot of other reasons that someone isn't manifesting desires. And why would one blame the Illuminati? Why not substitute “all hostile, harmful, dark, and sabotaging beings and entities”? No need to isolate and blame any one group, especially because there may be more than one source, and one doesn’t want to miss anything. As you know, the clearing-healing process has over 350 points now, and we deal with negative programs in general, which helps. However, there is no way we can cover each person's individual issues in the process, so when people have them and ask for help concerning them, then we address them. Keep in mind that if the programs are set up to teach, as per our agreements before incarnating to experience a particular life, and if Oversoul objects, the Angel-Light team doesn't do them. If we mess with the programs that are set up for this life with agreement, that is called interference--not intervention. There is a big difference! I confess that when it comes to my stuff, sometimes I just want it done and I want it done ASAP--no matter what I may have agreed to before coming in! So I understand! It does help that I’m living mostly by Soul’s will, but there’s still enough personality/ego acting to make demands. One more thing: If one is a true walk-in, one comes is faced with a lot of stuff from the walk-out, and one is required to complete the unfinished business of the walk-out. We live and learn!

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