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Friday, January 29, 2010


January 29, 2010

I have been shown some of my other lives over the last 25 years when I've asked. My viewpoint is that exploring one's other lives in sessions with facilitators is a waste of time unless one is seeking to understand and heal relationships, conditions, and situations in this life.

Once after the ending of a brief relationship with a cosmic man in 1991, I laid me down and put myself in a deep state of relaxation. When I asked to be shown other lives that might explain why we became involved at all, I was shown three lives--two of which I remember at this time. I stopped after three because I had all the information I needed. In one of the lives, his country/city had invaded mine and was occupying it. We became lovers, but there came a time when he had to return to his wife and children at home. In that life, he would often stand behind me with his hands on my shoulders, which he also did when we were involved in this life. Another life was in another world, a world with landscape of shades of red and orange and brown. We were very tall and thin, with long heads--humanoid, but different enough that we would have most definitely been recognized as out of place on the streets of any major US city. We were male and female (forget who was which). The skin of one of us was a healthy reddish shade, but the other one had turned gray and was on the deathbed. The well person carried the sick person to a window-like opening and, as we viewed the landscape outside, made a beautiful vow, a promise, to the other. Very moving at the time but, unfortunately, I can't remember the words now. The words did shed some light on the "why" of our relationship because it would seem that normally we would not have been attracted to each other in these bodies.

Met and became involved for a while with a man who was denied a vocation as a Catholic priest because he did not have the correct calling, the motivation they were seeking. Well, he had sixteen lives as a Priest or Bishop or Archbishop in the Roman Catholic Church since its inception. That's a lot! In four of those lives, he was carnally involved with me (a female)! I remembered some of those lives when spending nights in his home and wondering why we came together this lifetime (because there is usually a good reason for such things). One lifetime was in Louisiana (coincidentally, where he'd attempted to enter the priesthood this lifetime). In that life, I had his baby, which was taken away from me before I died with a slashed throat right in front of him (which didn't seem to visibly upset him, although he was not the person who killed me). To make a long story short, we had a lot of "unfinished business" which, to my chagrin, we failed to complete this lifetime. I wasn't attached to him this lifetime, but I was peeved that this powerful, assertive, "psychic" (don't like that word) woman was too "weird" for him to continue to have me in his life.

Just writing my memoirs. Perhaps some will find them interesting and be entertained and maybe even get ideas for self-exploration. We have a basic Past Life Reading and also a basic Relationship Reading (available long distance) which can be good starting places for in-depth exploration and eliminate some of the time needed to explore one's other lives--alone or in session with facilitators.

Seeking to serve (locally and long distance), we are one known as Angel-Light. Our healing/teaching mission at this level of existence is supported by donations. If you appreciate the blogs, the services, and the personal e-mail communications, please donate what you can, when you can, as often as you can.

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