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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


January 19, 2010

Everyone knows physical immunity can be improved by fresh air, good nutrition (appropriate for the individual, we might add), exercise, and sufficient rest and sleep. To that, add moderation in all things. Excesses lower immunity to contaminants in the environment (airborne viruses, germs on surfaces, etc.).

A lowered physical immunity can also lower one's defenses to psychic and energy contaminants. Also, one becomes more susceptible to these (and psychic attacks and abuse of various kinds) when physically ill and weakened. One who is highly emotional (and specially one who loses control of the emotions) is particularly vulnerable. Injuries, surgeries, many drugs (both legal and illegal), excesses and overindulgence in general, blows to the body (both intentional and accidental)--all can open ones up to unwelcome psychic and energy contaminants and attachments (not to mention such activities as using ouija boards).

One more thing we want to mention is how eye contact with people who are under the influence of or controlled by beings/entities such as dark masters and overlords, agents of the dark matrix, etc. can bring about linkups and invasions. (People, I could write a book on the subject!) Obviously, one would not look into the eyes of terrorists, psychopaths, etc.--even in photos. If one accidentally does so, we recommend quickly swinging the hand across the front of the eyes with the intention of terminating any connection that might have been established.

But what is one to do when encouraged to gaze into the eyes of people at length--in person or in photos? (And there are groups, societies, cults, and even individuals who so so.) No matter how benign the individual may seem, how loving the gaze, how bright the eyes, we would advise one to forget about it! Some of these people are unaware that the beings/entities controlling or influencing their instruments are extending into and infiltrating others through their instruments--and the eyes are an easy way to do this. (Again, I could write a book!)

Personally, briefly (not at length) gazing into the eyes of people such as Mother Teresa, Paramahansa Yogananda, Billy Graham, and others is not a problem for me. But when all of a sudden I find myself looking into the eyes of criminals and other such types in the media (no matter how briefly), I disconnect by moving my hand across the face in front of the eyes to disconnect. Throughout the years of this Love Work, we have cleared entities out of people only to find they have been invaded again because of their close associations with others who are infected. This is why many times we provide the clearing-healing process to couples in intimate relationship. Maybe some day I'll write a book!

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