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Friday, January 29, 2010


January 29, 2010

Unless one has walked in another person's shoes (so to speak) and experienced what that other person has experienced, one is in no position to make judgments about that person's life. However, there is the possibility of assessment and discernment if one is qualified to do so by one's own experiences and those of others that one has witnessed firsthand. Nevertheless, it's tricky because there is a fine line between judgment and discernment.

There is a dear soul that we've been assisting for a few years now, along with other healers/teachers. Before he/she came to this Love Work, he/she had been assisted by others. This individual has moved around a lot, and everywhere he/she goes it seems that he/she is very negatively affected by "evil spirits" (to use an umbrella term for the sake of convenience). He/She has been provided temporary relief time and time again by healers/teachers and has also learned many ways to help himself/herself, which is commendable. Unfortunately, there has not been long-term relief for this goodhearted person who seems emotionally fragile with a tendency to lose control of the emotions.

At least once in the past, we have suggested to this individual that perhaps it would be a good idea to focus on his/her own self rather than focusing on the "evil spirits"--in the form of increasing the frequency resonance vibration and, thus, decreasing vulnerability (through many techniques, including ignoring the "evil spirits" while one practices the techniques). Recently, as the result of a telephone message from this person who was crying and telling of all the clearing (of "evil spirits") he/she is having to do, the words "resist not evil" once again came to mind. This, along with accompanying words, is in "The Holy Bible" and other sacred writings. The phrase I (and others) like to use is, "Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good." And then there is the well-known (in the USA) admonition, "What you resist persists!" And it does seem that when one crosses the line between dealing with what one is presented with into resisting what one is presented with, the problems ("evil spirits" in this case) become worse.

Many times, I have witnessed this person achieve relief from "evil spirits"--through his/her own efforts and those of others--temporary relief. And I will say that he/she has been given many techniques and approaches to use that are normally extremely effective. Don't want to forget to inform the reader that emotional fallaparts of their targets are what "evil spirits" strive to achieve--one reason being is that they feed upon and gain strength from all that emotional energy. Again, we are wondering if perhaps there is sometimes too much focus on the "evil spirits" and insufficient focus on moving self vibrationally out of range, so to speak. We recognize that the pivotal point (when one makes the decision to shift focus and proceeds to do so) can bring more big time resistance on the part of the "evil spirits," but if one can persevere, then perhaps one can make great strides in rising above it all and move into witness mode. Sometimes it's "two steps forward and one step back."

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