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Saturday, January 30, 2010


January 30, 2010

Almost everywhere I spent nights as a "Traveling Angel," I was there on spiritual assignment. On those occasions where there was not an official assignment, there was always something to do--such as release lost/trapped spirits and give food and money to needy people. There have been many strange experiences over the years. A few of various types I'll report here.

In one small, old home, I saw a giant of a man in primitive clothing who had obviously come through a portal (aka wormhole) from another place in time. Also interacted there with an elderly couple who told me their names and that the home had been their home. My host verified that and also said that one or both of them had died in the house. Attempted to facilitate their release, but I'm not sure I succeeded because they were intent on staying. Also interacted with a blonde-haired, barechested, young male spirit who said his name was Beauregard and he had played in a rock band. My host knew about Beauregard and said he had interfered in his relationship with a past girlfriend.

At a home in a semi-rural area, I spent the night with a couple whom I thought were my friends. I saw all sorts of lost ones wandering around. At one point during the night, I awoke to find myself out of the body and being restrained by the female while the male inserted something in my sacral center. At the time, I didn't know what to make of it; however, many years later, I realized it was a hook of sorts that would enable him to access me in the future. There's a lot more about this that won't be shared here.

Could write a book about my experiences in a home in an old section of a suburb of a major US city. A development company/group of investors had purchased all the homes and torn down most of them when the economy tanked in the early 1990s. They were renting out the remaining small, old homes at very low rent until such time that the economy improved, when they would also tear those down and proceed with their plans for the area. Once a healer friend noticed that I looked haggard and stressed and asked if I wanted him to visit and do a clearing for me at the home. I am very careful who is allowed access to my energies, but I trusted him and eagerly agreed! When he came, he looked around and said, "Angel-Light, you've done a lot of good here, but you need to leave. This is too big a job for you." He then proceeded to remove several swords from my energy bodies, which I saw as he removed them.

The house was sort of a "revolving door" for wholistic-type people and their associates. Some of us picked up on the strangeness there, and others didn't have a clue. I had detected two or three portals there and was instructed by my "mission control" to close them, which I proceeded to do. I later showed the locations to my host and he almost whined, "Why did you close that one? I use that portal!" It was strangely weird. In retrospect, that human body-mind unit had obviously been illegally possessed. Once when I was sitting in my large room with a new friend a hot and fiery presence was detected between us. She asked, "What was that?" Then she told it we meant it no harm, that we were doing our thing and to proceed with its thing, and we sat down carefully and continued our conversation.

Unfortunately, I eventually discovered the home area was on a base of sorts for strange-looking, reptilian-like creatures. That explained a lot! Once a spiritual warrior friend came over specifically to do some houseclearing. He got into a battle with the two entities that he found there, one by one, giving them the choice of going to the abyss or to the light. One chose the light. The other put up a big fight, throwing fireballs at my friend. He was sent to the abyss. He thought he had cleared all of them, but that wasn't the case. The next day several of their race returned after being away. One of them actually overlayed me briefly and I could feel his claws. That place was a lost cause! There was much more weirdness at that location which won't be shared here. This piece is complete.

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