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Monday, February 15, 2010


February 15, 2010

Once upon a time when a friend in the local wholistic community was packing to move out of state, I took a new friend to meet her because he was from that state. He was in this area for several weeks of business training, and I took him under my wing, so to speak. (Aside: The phrase "under my wing" has been used by people in the USA for a long time and, no doubt, arrived with immigrants to the "New World.") When she sat down next to where I was standing, I absentmindedly placed my hand flat on top of the crown of her head and a burst of light energy moved through her body, and she exclaimed, "Wow! That was better than an or_as_!" (You fill in the blanks.) She felt wonderful for the remainder of our visit. That same high-vibration energy has been misconstrued by some people I've hugged (both male and female) who do not understand about divine light energy, so there are occasions when I minimize it or shut it down temporarily.

Once when I was staying in a man's home, we went on errands in his pickup truck (a common vehicle in Texas). Our combined energy was so powerful on that excursion that a couple in a car ran off the road to avoid us and two other vehicles swerved quickly to avoid us--even though we were yards away from any of them. Even we were astonished by what happened. We had been feeling the presence of Christ Michael the Archangel energy strongly when receiving some guidance, so my friend told him to turn down the energy. Otherwise, we might cause a traffic accident. I've had similar experiences when alone in my own automobile--but never as dramatic as when this friend and I were out and about in his truck.

I came across information of Diane Stein about clearing negative artifact karma a few years back. When I first did the procedure she recommended, I saw a bear paw clearly on my mind screen. I recommend Diane Stein's books. Use an Internet search engine to get more information on them. Many times over the years I have been given mind pictures as a means of explanation. I also receive words in my mind for informational and explanation purposes. They are like thoughts--not voices in the head.

However, about 1987, I heard a booming voice that seemed to come from everywhere in the room where I was at the time. It was a short time after I had ceased eating animal flesh (and it happened gradually--not an all-of-a-sudden decision). A guest in the home was preparing a meal that included chicken, and I was thinking about having a few bites so as not to offend her. Immediately there came that voice: "Thou shalt not eat flesh!" Heard a voice in such a fashion once more in this life, in 1989. I was providing a cosmic member of the local wholistic community lodging and some food and money in my apartment for several months. I compromised and purchased him cans of tuna. When he asked if he could put some sandwich meat in the refrigerator (knowing I was vegetarian), I said, "As long as I can't see it." After he left the room, I heard that voice: "Thou shalt not profane that which is holy." Therefore, I told him that he couldn't do that. There comes to mind as I write the phrase from The Holy Bible that goes something like, "The place where you stand is holy ground." Since then, I have never allowed the storing or consuming of animal flesh in my own lodging places. The longer I was vegetarian and then vegan, it became more repugnant to me. Frankly, during the years as a "Traveling Angel," it was difficult for me to stay in homes where meat was cooked and consumed. I avoid getting near the meat sections in grocery stories and don't sit at tables on holidays where the traditional turkey and ham are placed. Do you know how similar pork flesh is to human flesh? Check it out!

Moving on, one time a lady I had recently met almost begged me to stay in her large, old, two-story home and hold classes and appointments there. She said she had a large room with rows of chairs ready to use. After I arrived and brought my things from the van that had taken me there into the house and the van had left, I found the water to the house was turned off while pipes were being inspected and replaced in the back yard. I was quite thirsty and asked the woman, who was going to the grocery store, to buy me a bottle of water (using my money). I was shocked when she refused, saying she couldn't be bothered. And there was no grocery store within walking distance. I had already discovered there were grotesque "African-type" masks and strings of beads hanging on the walls of my room, hidden behind large paintings. The energy wasn't good, to say the least! Of course, I had recognized I was there on assignment. After she left, I called someone to come get me and my things and went AWOL from that assignment! Not long afterward, when I met someone who also lived on that street but a block or so away, I mentioned that I had almost stayed on that street for a while and told her the location of the house. She informed me that she and her friends who lived down the street avoided walking by that house because it was "very dark."

For a short time in the 1990s, there was a small metaphysical center/store in a location one wouldn't expect to find it that I and others I knew visited for various events. When the facilitator couldn't make it to one event where about fifteen of us were waiting for her, one of us began leading us in various procedures. Then something caught his attention and he said that there were ETs above us who wanted to enter our bodies to see what it felt like. He said if we agreed to take a step or two forward into the circle. Everyone except me stepped forward, and I stepped back. I don't believe I was ever that gullible! The strange thing was that two different sensitive spiritual people who visited the store told me they were very uncomfortable there, and one couldn't even bring herself to walk in the door. Another lady found merchandise for sale in the store that carried negative and dark energies. (It's all about the energies, people!) Once when I was scanning a book there, I felt something enter my body through the top of the head, but thought it left. My mistake! When I was sitting on a bench in a courtyard near several stores with glass windows and doors several hours later, I felt its presence and told it in no uncertain terms to get out of my body and sent it out with breath and energy movement. Instantly when I felt it leave, I heard a big crash, as if a glass window or door had broken. I couldn't see anything from where I was sitting, but I realized the entity had gone through glass and broken it and removed myself from that area. I couldn't have gone looking for the broken glass and offered to pay for it because I had been nowhere around where it happened, and the store personnel would have thought it very strange.

That's enough of my memories for this piece. Perhaps readers will be entertained or even gain insights from these personal recollections.

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