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Friday, March 05, 2010


March 5, 2010

When having a conversation with a new friend fifteen or so years ago, he told me that he was a vegetarian but that he had eaten a few bites of salmon off the plate of a gal he was involved with at the time who was not vegetarian. I told him that if he is going to have s _ x (fill in the blank) with someone who eats meat that he might as well eat meat himself. He looked with me in astonishment and said that the only mutual friend we shared (a vegan who was no longer in my life and barely in his) had told him the exact same words several years previously. It's about the energies!

When one is living in the home of someone else, there is some merging of energies. When one is having s _ x with someone else but not living with that person, there is more merging of energies. However, when one is both living with someone and having frequent s _ x with that person, the two "become as one." They share each other's stuff. Your lovemate's stuff is your stuff. It's about the energies!

Therefore, if you are committed to spiritual growth and self-clearing and healing and your lovemate isn't, you are presented with more challenges than if your dear one is also on the spiritual path. It might be prudent to consider one's alliances in light of this fact. It's about the energies!

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