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Thursday, March 04, 2010


March 4, 2010

While initiating a Divine Reconnective Healing Process (aka Clearing-Healing Process) for someone recently, I was (once again) wondering how this facet of my Love Work fits into the overall Divine scheme of things, if it is facilitating the Divine plan for humanity. Then I remembered that many of us go through a decontamination and healing procedure after our lives end before being allowed to rejoin our soul groups. So I asked what percentage of us go through that "heavenly" decontamination and healing before reuniting with soul. It's about 85%. Obviously, it is a lengthier and a more in-depth process for some of us for others of us. I was also given that what we the Angel-Light team are doing makes the "heavenly" decontamination and healing procedure "less protracted" and that it provides "a measure of relief" for those facilitating the decontamination and healing of new arrivals at home.

So now I understand that the work is helpful not only at this level of existence but also in the "heavenly realm." Some of us are pulled out of our bodies for decontamination and repair work and recharging occasionally. I am one who has experienced this, and it sure is helpful to me.

Also, during the initiation of the process for that individual, I was pleasantly surprised to be given three new steps to add--one in the form of a short "mind movie" (to make sure I understood). It seems to me that the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (aka Clearing-Healing Process) will continue to expand in scope for the duration of my life in this body. It's reassuring to know that those who undergo the process 2X or 3X a year won't require as lengthy a delay before rejoining their soul groups when their lives end. This is good!

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