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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


March 16, 2010

Question: Do extensions into a body only come from exchange of fluids together with an unhealthy desire for attachment or can they relate to something else (obviously a desire for attachment though)? What do extensions tell you? Is it simply just a desire for unhealthy attachment to that soul, an unhealthy desire to restrict that soul?

Response: Body fluids are not about extensions. Body fluids are more about implants. Both extensions and implants are about energies. Extensions are about clinging/ overprotecting/ overbearing parents, friends, and lovers. They are also about possessors/controllers extending through their human body-mind unit instruments into others they want to bring "into their fold." Mostly, these are the reptoid draconians/reptilians. It was a big awakening for me when I realized this through personal experience! Since then, I've read about it from various sources (and been provided further information through divine downloads). It is always to be aware of just who/what is working through a human body-mind that one is in close association with. Sometimes the facade presented is in contradiction to the truth.

Even if a possession is less than 50%, those possessing and using the instrument can extend through the human body-mind unit into others. In the Soul-Body-Energy Analysis we ask for the number of extensions of/from/through other human body-mind units into the person and also the number of extensions of/from/through the person's human body-mind unit into others.

This is different than plain and simple negative cords. However, cords of sorts can be used to extend into someone temporarily. Then there is the matter of projection--someone projecting self into another--usually into the central vertical channel. A piece describing a Hindu practice where the guru enters the central vertical channel and pulls the soul cord out temporarily to make alterations to it was posted on this site a few years ago. (Use the search mechanism on this site and put in the word "Hindu" if you want to read it.) If you think this is not done all over the world by humans of all types skilled in such things (religious and not), then perhaps you might be interested in searching for information and informing yourself. Hard core books on magic would be a good start.

Extensions and projections are different, but I sometimes group projections and extensions together. The big difference is that projections are only temporary and from a human body-mind unit, while extensions are usually through a human body-mind unit and are meant to be permanent or long term--to take over. I differentiate between extensions of/from/through other human body-mind units (illegal) and direct extensions (legal). We as divine souls extend a portion of our Soul Self into a human body-mind unit (and sometimes as many as four, although that is spreading ourselves thin, so to speak). These human body-mind units are housing for divine souls. That’s why they were created--genetically engineered from the existing species that evolved. We ask in the Soul-Body-Energy Analysis the percentage of original species DNA the body has. Most have around 25%, but we have found one with 15% and some with 30%.

If one is in doubt or denial about the information in this piece, then we would suggest: Search and Explore, Read, Study, Learn.

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