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Friday, March 26, 2010


March 26, 2010

Received the following in an email recently from a supporter missing her dog: "I don't understand why Marcus hasn't been to see me. It makes me feel like he never loved me and that he was glad to get away from his miserable, tormented life with me and having to deal with all the attacks by the dark entities. It hurts me. I still feel abandoned. Well, the tears are coming now. Guess some old grief has been triggered again. I just want to see Marcus and be assured that he loved me. I have to go and do some clearing."

Response: Marcus has an eternal life to live. You don't want to hold him back any more than you would want to hold back a beloved human who has made the transition. The words are: "Marcus, this is Annie/mommy/name or title. I love you, Marcus. I release you, Marcus. I let you go, Marcus! I joyfully anticipate our reunion!" Then take a deep breath through the nose and let it out through the mouth. You do this EVERY time that you begin to feel grief about Marcus. When you can think of Marcus and smile, then you know you have fully released him.

Note: This is also an excellent way to assist in one's grieving process for a human who has transitioned or a past friend who is no longer in one's life. However, if the person is still among the living, one must leave off the part about a reunion.

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