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Monday, May 17, 2010


May 17, 2010

Email from a Lightworker: "Hi Angel-Light, Here's the email I received from [healer's name deleted] today. I will share yours with her. Feeling sick to my stomach and have lower back pain. Just finished doing some clearing."

Healer’s Input (excellent): “The first message we received is that we will be limited in what we can do for you because this moment in your journey is a strong message from your oversoul and higher self to STOP HOW YOU ARE APPROACHING HEALING [OTHERS] AND TAKE CARE OF YOU AND YOUR OWN HEALTH. God or anyone else never asked you to sacrifice your life and happiness and joy to unsafe healing. You came to believe this based on what attached to you and influenced your thinking. It’s an illusion of your ego and it’s in your soul contract. You had a set point of your higher self to remind you of this. You have been so static and clouded by what has become attached to you. You have simply chosen to keep moving around trying to escape the lower vibrations and continue to collect more dark energies to further cause you to ignore this deepening problem. We were told to pray and we did clear [info deleted] your immediate auric field which were extremely bogged. THIS ONLY HAPPENS WHEN WE ARE NOT AWARE OF HOW TO THOROUGHLY CLEAR AND PROTECT OURSELVES. What you may not realize is that YOU are cording to these people and entities when you do your healing. You had soooooo many cords attached to and COMING FROM you. So even when you "had" to say stuff about things [give a strong opinion when it hadn’t been solicited] you are cording to those situations. And collectively that can suck your energy all the time any time. You should know anyone would suffer as a result of doing this—not just lightworkers. You have to recognize when YOU ARE CORDING TO PEOPLE. This is your biggest problem right now--not your being attacked. You are opening the door to it. We asked for Jesus to assist you in clearing but were told you requested this lesson and would need to clearly accept and receive this message and make serious changes for your health and welfare and happiness for yourself. So you must request this assistance. Your higher self has made this so dramatic for you so you don't just get cleared and go immediately back to the same old BS and back to being dark and attacked and trapped. It is your beacon call for the next phase of your mission! Very exciting! So allow the time and space to heal. Give and take a break and HEAL YOURSELF FOR RIGHT NOW That includes [method of healing deleted] because someone of your light needs to be shielded upon waking and specifically each time you work with ANYONE. Remember: There are also millions of lightworkers that are just awesome, so do stop associating being unsafe with being a healer!” [Again, this is an excerpt from the healer’s words to the lightworker.]

My Input: When one gets attached to outcomes of one's attempts to help others, which is getting the emotions involved, then this is one of the ways one takes on the spiritual dis-ease of others and runs it through one's own systems. One opens one's self up for such things by getting emotionally attached to outcomes. The key is to be NONATTACHED to results. In this way, the stuff of other people may find the healing facilitator, but cannot negatively impact him/her in a big way.

And this brings us to the matter of the difference between being a healer who serves as a Divine instrument, merely a facilitator, and being a healer who is controller and director of the healing processes. We have posted on this site several times previously. Nothing wrong with being the latter (controller and director), but one can get one's self in trouble, so to speak, if the proper boundaries aren't in place and correct protocol isn't followed, including intervening rather than interfering. It's the interfering that can create havoc and dis-ease in the healer.

As one might expect, there is a fine line between being a healing facilitator as a Divine instrument and being the controlling and directing healer, and my intention has been not to cross that line. Admittedly, I have not always been successful in so doing. I continue to learn through my mistakes.

One more comment: If we keep doing the same things over and over, and if we continue exposing ourselves to the same things over and over, we continue to get the same results over and over. This is why many clearings/decontaminations/healings last for only a short while (varies according to the individual). Again, there are some things we can do to increase/raise our frequency resonance vibrations, and there are some things that lower it (just as there are some things that contribute to poor physical health, such as smoking, and some things that improve one's health and wellbeing, such as eating more "live foods" and less "dead foods").

Some of what [healer's name deleted] wrote you matches what we wrote you earlier and what is in the blog posted earlier today. These additional comments are important enough to create a second blog.

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