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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


May 11, 2010

A piece on health maintenance and disease prevention on this site? As some readers probably suspected when seeing the title, it's about spiritual/energy health maintenance and disease prevention.

Everyone knows that if you don't brush and clean your teeth regularly, they're not going to last as long as if you do (which is not to deny that some tooth disease is genetic, that some people with dental issues do maintain them as recommended). Most people in the USA know that certain practices/activities are harmful to one's physical health--such as smoking, such as working in a coal mine and inhaling a lot of coal dust, such as consuming large amounts of saturated fat such as found in most meats and in many prepackaged foods, such as drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages (or excessive amounts of diet cola, for that matter). The list could go on and on. An often-repeated joke in the USA is that men never will stop to ask for directions when lost. It is also said that men usually ignore warning signs of disease until it's too late. That is stereotyping, but there is a large measure of truth to stereotypes (such as the "Jewish mother" stereotype that I heard a Jewish writer's mother describe at length in a comic way recently).

Well, getting back to the subject of spiritual health maintenance and disease prevention, by the time disease shows up as symptoms in the physical form, it has usually been present in the energy bodies for years. It begins in the energies and mind/psyche and trickles down to the emotions and then the physical body. Generally (but not always), allopathic medicine just treats the symptoms, while spiritual healing and energy medicine treat the causes. There have been countless books and articles written in the last hundred years or so in the USA alone about the effectiveness of spiritual healing and energy clearing.

This brings us to the subject of spiritual/energy health maintenance. As discussed many times on this site over the last four plus years, there are many ways one can maintain one's spiritual/energy health. The most important step is to recognize that one's energies can be contaminated from within (vertically) AND from without (horizontally). Next is to assume that one's energies require frequent decontamination/clearing AND to do that for one's self or ask someone else to do it for you (or both). I've been just as guilty as others about neglecting self-maintenance, so I'm not criticizing anyone. It's just that if one is aware of the importance of spiritual/energy decontamination and strengthening and doesn't do it, one is going to experience physical disease of various kinds sooner or later.

Seems most people with health insurance in the USA get themselves to a medical doctor whenever they get aches and pains and sniffles and totally ignore a very important piece of health maintenance and prevention: spiritual/energy decontamination--where one can find the root and core causes of physical diseases. (And the many ways to discover core and root causes won't be discussed here.)

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