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Monday, May 17, 2010


May 17, 2010

Inquiry: A bighearted guy/gal who has been very engaged in trying to assist others with spiritual issues for years forwarded the input of another healing facilitator regarding his/her sufferings and asked for my input: “Here is what we received so far about your situation: Whatever shielding you are doing is not working because attachments are already in your auric field, as well as the external attacks. Exactly what kind of healing are you doing because it seems to have become a portal also for energies to come back on you. Your physical issues are a huge message to shut down this aspect of your life until you heal, identify the source of your opening in protection, and see how this style of healing is not safe for you and find a much safer more joyful way of living and healing. Healing [others] can be dangerous at times and should never be something that is destroying your life. Spirit attachments can lead you to believe these ideas though. Trust me, I feel your light and you do not need to suffer! But also you need balance here. Please let me know specifically what type of healing you are doing and we will clear you and let you know what we got.”

Response: I haven't wanted to tell you some things direct because I didn't want to offend and upset you (which happens easily for you). I have hoped you would "get" them by reading the blogs and between the lines of the emails. Reread this month's blogs. I totally agree with this healer that you need to "shut down this aspect of your life until you heal." You have been assisting others for many years at high risk to your own self. Again, as in a recent blog, it is NOT to think you must be 100% before trying to assist others, but a large measure of one's own healing needs to be done before attempting to assist others.

[This healer] may not know your life story (as I do). If so, she'd know this is NOT just about helping others and, thus, opening yourself up to attack. It seems you have been a target of the dark side your whole life. She wants to know what type of healing you are doing. Based on all our communications, you've been doing anything and everything that might help--except what people are charging large amounts of money for because of financial constraints. It's not a simple thing, and she almost makes it out to be. It's a lifetime thing.

My suggestion would be many regression sessions into the past, beginning with a "Life Between Life" session to discover what your plans and agreements were for this life. Maybe suffering and learning from it was part of the plan. I don't know and don't want to speculate. For many of us, this is a school and a "test your meddle" and a "toughening up" venue for souls.

Also, it is to remember: WHAT YOU RESIST PERSISTS! And the lower-level astral entities feed off emotions, so all those angry outbursts and crying spells only attract more of the lower-level entities. This has been a biggie for you (the transmuting of negative emotions and remaining centered despite what is going on). The lower-level entities know when they have a good source of energy and will initiate circumstances in order to get you upset. So self-mastery and moving out of the lower emotional body into the higher feeling body is essential.

I do know this: AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT! THE ANSWERS ARE WITHIN YOU! That is why hypnotherapy sessions with a spiritual healing facilitator would be very useful. Surely there is one in your area you could get to know and engage the services of. If Divine wills it, the means to do so will manifest. Any outer healing/relief is only going to be temporary--not sustainable over the long term.

All that said, you have been doing the best you can with what you have. Since you are about 40% attuned spiritually (as opposed to someone I know who is only 5% spiritually attuned), it does seem to me that you would be able to spend a lot of time in devotional prayer and meditation, and then self-exploration meditation (which would increase your degree of spiritual attunement). As I understand it from your communications, you haven't been doing this (although it is my #1 recommendation for those on the spiritual path or who want to be).

I have no doubt that [name deleted] can assist with your healing (as have others and my own self). However, until enough of the inner work is done so that you are at peace a great deal of the time, all our efforts to assist you are only going to be band aids and bandages. As within, so without.

You are to be commended for all your efforts to assist others and even attempting to heal your own self. Some people won't even try.

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