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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


May 18, 2010

Those who read and listen to local and world news on a day-to-day basis are no strangers to reports of people who see others in distress and instantly assist without thinking twice. In fact, afterward, even some rescuers are surprised they took the risk without thinking about the possible ramifications to their own selves. They followed their natural instinct--that of helping others in need. There are others who stop a second to check their intuition about what to do first or who to assist first when there is a question. Intuition is said to be the "voice of God" or the Holy Spirit by some who have first-hand experience with tuning in to get guidance. I heard Rev. Michael Beckwith say once that the daily newspaper is a means to provide us with people to pray for and assist. (He was speaking to people who refuse to read the newspaper or listen to news because so much of it is bad--said so himself.) How many people instinctively want to send money to people who have suffered losses? Of course, we can't always do that, but many times we can at least send a couple dollars. Every dollar can make a difference with a child's medical bills, someone's end-of-life expenses, food and supplies of a charity with shelves that need replenishing.

As I am out and about, I witness people who need assistance and people who could help people needing assistance watching uncomfortably and then turning away without offering to assist. I witness this and hear of this often enough to write about it on this site, so you know it's not uncommon at all. I'm referring to people in wheelchairs who drop things or need a hand to shift the chair or need some ones to move their feet out of the way so that the wheelchair can easily pass. I'm referring to elderly people who are denied quick and easy seating on public transportation by people who don't want to move to places with more difficult access so elderly people can sit down quickly before the train or bus takes off again. I'm sure the reader can think of many other examples. I almost made up the $5.00 difference for a couple and their toddler who were paying to attend a stage production of "Peter Pan" the other day until the main ticket person (who was sitting beside me) told him to just write an IOU and then send the money to an address on the program. I reached for my purse automatically, instinctively. I only had $5.00 in bills and about $10 in change, but no way was that child going to be disappointed! (They had seen the theatre marque and didn't know how much it cost.) Ever been in line at a grocery store/market and a person checking out finds himself/herself short of funds to pay the bill and asked the cashier to take an item or two or three back? What is your instinct? I realize there are times one cannot actually provide the needed funds, but what is your instinct? Do you rationalize? Do you decide the person is to blame for his/her situation and, therefore, doesn't deserve your assistance? If one thinks about it long enough, one can talk one's self out of doing something beneficial for someone else.

As far as I'm concerned, one's NATURAL instinct should be to assist others. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all of us. Not only do some people turn away, some actually look at the person needing assisting with scorn and/or disgust. Civilized? I think not! Definitely not compassionate!

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