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Friday, June 04, 2010


June 4, 2010

Someone sent the following feedback to my May 3, 2010 blog "Ascending Into Fifth Dimension": "Absolutely fantastic! I have had many of my higher aspects residing within. At the moment, I noticed Avatar [name] from 8th dimension has popped in, and however long this may be I do not know, but I am grateful for the highly loving energy and such calm and well humoured one, that I just want to hug myself. . . . This is one of those articles that has my insides chuckling and grinning from ear to ear and jumping in bubbles of joy. It resonates deeply and is in line with my own truth!"

Oh yes, when 8D Avatar is downloaded, I also just want to hug myself or a pillow and just blissfully be in the love that is within and around me. Yesterday was one of those days. In this clean, quiet, bright environment with lots of trees and green in the landscape where I spend most of my time, it's easy for 8D Avatar to be here and for 7D World Server to be present all the time with 6D Master Teacher. No longer is 5D operational in this form. To put it another way, there are 6D, 7D, and 8D frequencies in this body at all times, with 9D Monad frequencies during some very blissful times of Oneness.

So many times, I find people equating "oneness" with being one with everything and everybody. However, I do believe that term has been misinterpreted and misused by many in the worldwide wholistic community. It leads people to try to take a quantum leap (and usually failing) when in actuality oneness is much closer to home base (so to speak) and more easily attainable. With practice, one can learn how to merge into the Oneness of Monad (9D) and be uplifted and healed by the experience. Had such the most blissful experience ever a day or two ago when I, once again, journeyed up the channel of my Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) to merge at the various levels on the way up to Monad, with Monad, and then carrying the 9D and 8D frequencies "down" to the body. I found myself repeating these and similar words over and over again: "I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I Am One. We are Angel-Light. We are One. I Am. We Are. I Am Love. We are Love. We are One." Over and over again. The glorified feeling stayed with me for hours. Whenever one needs a shot of good medicine, this will do it. However, to maintain the higher frequencies in one's human body-mind unit (whether medicine is needed or not), one is to do this often, along with spending quality time in daily meditation and clearing one's energies as often as needed--daily for many people who are out and about every day, less for one such as myself who doesn't get out and about often.

Someone sent me an article from the web site of a spiritual teacher/healing facilitator recently, and the following is my response to it: "No doubt, this article you sent applies to the majority of people on the spiritual path who are still carrying 3D and 4D frequencies; however, it is so NOT descriptive of many people I interact with and know of (as I blogged about in "Ascending Into Fifth Dimension" in May). Talked to a supporter on the phone last night who has already ascended to 5D and is living in 5D frequencies and above (know because she is on my maintenance list and we talk often), as have several others in my network, so that description (thoughts, feelings, symptoms) doesn't fit them--or my own self, for that matter. I am operating at 6D frequencies and higher (just completed merging 5D into 6D this year, came in at 5D in the 1980s) as are some other teachers I know of. A few of whom I'm aware are operating at 7D and above, with 6D merged into 7D. My 7D World Server is fully present in this body, and 8D Avatar is comfortable here as I spend more time doing MSS merges in this clean, quiet, bright, high-vibration environment. What the article doesn't take into consideration is that the MSS of almost all who would be interested in reading it may NOT have ascended out of 3D or 4D into 5D as of yet but, nevertheless, ARE carrying 5D, 6D, and 7D frequencies at least a portion of the time already."

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