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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


June 2, 2010

Comments: Okay, being that I have not been doing any healing or clearing on other people, I started wondering how was I taking on other people's stuff, especially so many of them. Got my answer and have been afraid to tell you as I felt you would be upset with me. I am upset with myself for being so stupid to even consider doing what I had been doing. I only did it because I love and care about my family and friends. When doing my clearing prayers, I have been asking that my family and friends be included, too. I realize now that that has been creating a lot of my problems and have stopped doing it and will never do that again. This has been a Major Wakeup Call for me. I never realized what I was taking on. Many times in my life, I have had to learn my lessons the hard way. Lesson has been learned. Please do not be too hard on me for my stupidity. I can't help it If I have a soft heart and want to save my family and friends who are not awake and cannot do the prayers for themselves. I'm sure many others are doing the same thing for their families who are not awake. Perhaps there is a need for another blog about this sort of thing.

Response: It is extremely rare for me to get emotionally upset. (Now occasionally I get intellectually/mentally pissed, but that's something else entirely!) First let me correct you: It is only recently that you’ve stopped “doing any clearing or healing on other people” (because I and another healing facilitator recommended you stop and heal your own self). Yes, I had warned you not to overly extend yourself doing healing/clearing work for your family and friends "who are not awake"—even including them in your detailed prayers. Yes, it does seem you've learned your lesson the hard way. We cannot save other people! They need to live and learn just like everyone else---just like we have in this life and other lives. If in the process of assisting others who are on the spiritual path and committed to self-care and maintenance, we can teach them to help themselves (such as someone seeking our input and guidance), then the spiritual clearing/healing assistance can be a good thing. For someone who is "not awake," then it can be a hindrance and interference. Occasionally we the Angel-Light team are called to do what seems like a rescue of an "unawakened one," but it is more uncommon than not.

As I recall, [a healing facilitator] seemed "blown away" at the number of cords you had placed in others and them in you. That is not only co-dependency, it is harmful to those at both ends of the cords. It is to detach, release, and let go. A healing facilitator is to do the work without attachment to results. One does the work and the rest is up to Divine. (Keep in mind that you have been advised not to attempt to do anything healing for anybody else until you have had time for self-healing, and it's going to take a while.) [Name of a healing facilitator] may have cut/pulled the cords (can't remember), but he/she obviously didn't clear all that stuff of other people. In all honesty, your condition might have been overwhelming to him/her.

Be forewarned that it may take time to permanently stop carrying the stuff of other people because there is more than one way that we begin doing this. I have one individual who is especially persistent at putting herself/himself in my space.

I'll conclude this piece with the highest and best prayer one can pray for others. First, speak the first and last name aloud and imagine the individual's face (if you know it). Then speak: "[name], May your life be in harmony with Divine will for you. May you so live that all who meet you will be uplifted, that all who bless you will be blessed, that all who give to you and serve you will receive the greatest satisfaction. If any should attempt to harm you, may they contact the light within you and be healed. So be it!"

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