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Sunday, June 06, 2010


June 6, 2010

Received the following communication recently: “I am feeling good today. Closed my chakras down to 25% and did all the affirmations to shut down my empathic abilities before I went out today, and it worked! I had to go to several places and came home with lots of energy to clean my place. Usually, I'm not out for more than ten minutes before I start feeling sick and drained. This is a Miracle! Thank you so much for teaching me this! This is Fantastic! Now I Will be able to go out more instead of hiding in my stuffy apartment. Thank you also for getting rid of all those cords. [Actually, it was the stuff of other people he/she was carrying. Another healing facilitator did the most recent cord work.] This was a huge wakeup call for me.”

A couple days later, received this comment from the same individual: “I felt good yesterday but felt sick all day [today]. Knew it was too good to last.”

He/She “knew it was too good to last”?! “Too good to last”?! Seems that while he/she was appreciating the marked improvement there were underlying doubts that it would last and even a belief (knowing) that it wouldn’t last. Well, no wonder it didn’t last! This is a problem on several levels and in several ways, most which are obvious. I couldn't believe what I was reading in the followup email and read it several times in amazement. It's like so much of what I have taught this guy/gal through personal emails and blogs hasn't been applied, put into practice.

For one thing, one doesn't normally use a procedure on a problem/issue one time or two times and get longstanding results. (There is usually no "magic wand"--despite some people's claims to the contrary.) There are reasons one is troubled in a particular way, and the main reason is for learning purposes. It's not going to go away easily--and not until the lesson is sufficiently learned. One has to apply the remedy processes over and over again, getting some relief throughout the process of learning. There are certain things one does to sustain good physical health, such as brushing the teeth. Bodies are not all the same. For example, skin tones are different, and blood types are different. Some thrive by consuming certain foods; others thrive by consuming other foods. Physical bodies become damaged (such as blood sugar issues), requiring different foods, maintenance, etc. The same thing happens with energy bodies. All ones are not the same. One is to find what works and recognize that in order to maintain clear and reasonably healthy energy bodies, one has to keep doing what works. This is not to say that cures don't happen for physical diseases of many years' duration, and the same can't happen in the case of spiritual/energy dis-ease/disturbances. Finally, in order to get lasting results, one has to expect lasting results and to know they are attainable if one is consistent and perseveres. That's the bottom line.

I confess that I've been reminding myself of Sri Yukteswar, the teacher/guru of Paramahansa Yogananda in my communications with this person in recent weeks. The first writing I read of Yogananda was his "Autobiography of a Yogi," a classic that I recommend to everyone because it's a big, thick book, yet an easy, entertaining, informative read, and covers a wide area. What a life! I had a really hard time with Sri Yukteswar the first time I read the book (and I've read it several times) and when reading comments about him in Yogananda's other writings. I just didn't like him! He seemed like a stern taskmaster and I didn't relate to him at all! However, Yogananda loved him dearly, and I decided I needed to learn to love him, too. Took me several years to appreciate Sri Yukteswar's methods of getting his points across! I don't have "warm and fuzzy" feelings for him like Yogananda did, but I appreciate him and understand him better now. Hmmm! Think it's about time for another read of "Autobiography of a Yogi."

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