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Saturday, July 31, 2010


July 31, 2010

Email Received (Excerpt): I need to find a way to stay in my body, because I don't feel good when I come back. Those other affirmations you sent me like closing down my empathic abilities are working great. If I sit quietly for a while, within five minutes, I'm off somewhere [out of body]. Sometimes I doze off and go out of my body while I'm at computer. I go out of my body in my sleep, and when I wake up I feel horrible until I clear myself. This keeps me from meditating. Why meditate when I feel sick when I come out of it? I have no real way to go within because of this. Some of my friends had dark entities around them since yesterday, so I called for my team to clear them. Since then, I have been waking up with them. I do all sorts of protection prayers morning and night and put myself in golden light along with my animals and my home. I ask Archangel Michael to fill my place with thousands of warrior angels to protect us. Nothing seems to work, no matter what I do. Why am I not getting the protection that I'm asking for?

Response: First, stop targeting dark energies/entities with your friends—immediately! I thought we had agreed you weren't going to do that anymore. When you do that, you bring them to you! You are, obviously, not equipped to deal with them, and you are taking on something that is not yours. It is one thing if this is part of your soul plan/mission/assignment, but this is not according to your divine soul's plan for this life. MESSAGE FROM YOUR SOUL: CEASE AND DESIST! Your body mind/ego/personality is continuing to engage in such activities, and that gets you in trouble.

If one is negatively affected by the dark energies/entities with other people, then the problem lies with self--not others. Make it a daily practice to build up and strengthen the light energy bodies (especially the etheric) and to maximize and optimize the flow of divine life force energy through your being (and use the words "me and mine"). Stagnant energy weakens and dissipates. There is to be a strong flow through at all times. Prime the energy pump with breath several times daily, focusing on self and not the issues of others. It is our prescription at this time.

There has to be a reason that as to why you come back from being out during sleep and meditation with lower astral entities that you and I and other healing facilitators have missed. I want to dig deep into that as time permits.

This doesn’t pertain exactly to what we’re discussing but want to share it here: " [name of type of energy/entity], I command you now in the name of Christ [or Jesus Christ] to cease to exist and disappear--immediately--on a full and permanent basis now." I would challenge the following (one at a time): agents of darkness and evil; energies and entities of the dark ones; evildoers; liars and deceivers; etc. This is especially helpful for those who "overhear" the thoughts/communications of these in their minds--not like hearing voices, but just thought forms.

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