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Saturday, July 03, 2010


July 3, 2010

In a recent "Agents of Light" newsletter from www.circleoflights.com titled, "You Only Live Once, So Make the Best of It," I discovered that Bryan James (whose work I respect) had written about something that has come to my mind for rumination several times this century. Reports of some healing facilitators, regressionists, psychics, etc. didn't match up with reports of others. It seemed as if some of us were describing entirely different things than others of us. I came to realize some of us were describing soul experiences and memories and some were describing personality experiences and memories. For one thing, comparing Sylvia Brown's descriptions of the afterlife with Dr. Michael Newton's clearly demonstrated to me that they weren't describing the same thing.

People who have been reading my writing for years know that I have made distinctions between human body-mind units and divine souls. Well, in this article, Bryan James says that "the soul" is not "the person" and "the person" is not "the soul," that they are entirely separate. What's more, he says that the soul has many incarnations but we as people live only once. That mostly matches my philosophy on the subject. There's more. According to Bryan James, "After a person dies, they have an opportunity to live in the 5th dimension if they haven't lost their Light during their lifetime. If they have lost their Light, then their existence will quickly end after a final meeting with their etheric teachers, or other beings assigned to handle their transition." This is similar to what Sylvia Brown describes in her words about the afterlife, although she hasn't touched on "finalization" (if I remember correctly). To continue: "But if a person still has their Light and is on a spiritual path, they will work with their etheric teachers from the Light and serve in the learning temples or as spiritual guides. The average time frame for a person to ascend from the 5th dimension is 500 years. But there are also strong dark forces focused on Earth that would seek to hinder our spiritual progress, and they have created much confusion concerning religion and spiritual matters. . . ." I recommend going to www.circlesoflight.com and reading the entire article in the newsletter.

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