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Monday, August 23, 2010


August 22, 2010

Excerpt from Email Received: What a blessing you have been to me for all your teachings and clearings! They truly work! The problem I am having most now is cording with so many people. I find I have to have Archangel Michael cut the cords every time I even talk to anyone on the phone or in person. Otherwise, I feel sick and drained. Do you have a decree or affirmation to stop cording with others? Seems like I'm getting more sensitive to other people's energy all the time. Thanks for all you do. You have been such a blessing in my life with all the teachings and clearings that have made my life so much more bearable and are giving me some peace in my life at last.

Response: For those who don't already know, when one is corded with someone else, the two people are usually carrying each other's energies--especially if the cord remains in place over time. This can cause various symptoms because of the differences among people. One of these is the feeling of being unsettled. Also, if this is a one-way unconscious
placement of energies, one can have a hollow or empty feeling (from a little to a lot). Sometimes, the cording and mixing of energies is so minimal that the unaware individual doesn't even notice. (Being very sensitive, I notice and begin dealing with the issue as soon as convenient.) The questioner no doubt realizes that this issue is about self and not other people--at least about 99% of the time. We recognize that this one is not consciously cording into other people. This is usually something that just happens. However, there are people who consciously and intentionally connect and mix energies with selected others and even take some of that energy. Some people also consciously and intentionally tap into the energy streams of others to use for their own service-to-self purposes.

Our first suggestion would be to set an intention of not mixing energies with other people. Voice it daily for a while, and then less often as the problem diminishes. One would state aloud: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am keeping my energies to myself--on a full and permanent basis now." Also, calling all one's energies home daily is helpful: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I Am calling forth the return of all my missing energies on a full and permanent basis now." Then imagine the energies as streams of light and make arm motions as if you are taking the energies in. Of course, cutting negative cords with others is important (and any cording which is not mutually agreed upon is negative). Use these words: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am cutting all negative psychic cords I have with others now." Then begin using a scissors motion over the solar plexus (front and back) and then over as much of the body above the legs that one can, including the head. Most cording is in the major chakras, but we have found them elsewhere. Of course, one can cut the cords between one's self and a specific person and add the words "psychic connections" to the decree/affirmation.

The place where the "unconscious cords" connect is ordinarily in the solar plexus area, which is the seat of the emotions. Therefore, closing down that chakra before interacting with others--either in person or by telephone--can neutralize the problem from a little to a lot. When one's telephone is ringing, there is not much time to close the chakra, but taking the time is well worth it. When in a hurry, one would state: "I [name] Decree I Am closing my solar plexus until further notice now." Upon ending the interaction, the chakra is to be reopened. Over time, it will gradually reopen, but having a closed or barely open chakra isn't healthy. So reopening it as soon as the closure is no longer necessary is important. One would say, "I [name] Decree I Am opening my solar plexus to its normal level now." If one can imagine a fully opened rose before closing, a tightly closed rosebud after closing, and then a fully opened rose after reopening (yellow for this chakra), then the procedure will be enhanced. We want to state here a healthy state of being is to be a clear and perfect channel for universal life source energy which means the chakras need to be as clear of contaminants and open as possible. We have found in this work that if one can keep the chakras 75% or more free of contaminants, then that is satisfactory. We occasionally find people with one or more of their major chakras 80% or 85% clear of contaminants when we do the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis, but this is uncommon.

Until one steps into one's power, then one will have difficulty doing such things as we recommend for self. Also, the less contaminated the individual, the easier it will be. The first step for those who don't feel powerful enough to follow our recommendations is to "act as if" and just take the steps--being persistent and consistent and allowing the ability to develop over time. Of course, getting a jump start with the Divine Reconnective Healing Process (which some people request two to four times a year) is very beneficial.

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