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Saturday, August 28, 2010


August 28, 2010

Excerpt from Email Received: Why am I still being targeted by the dark side? How do I get rid of that dark energy?

Response: Why are you being targeted by the dark side? Why is anybody? There are a myriad number of reasons people are targeted by the dark side. Sometimes more than one faction can be "working on" an individual at different times. Sometimes it's because of the frequencies of light one carries which are perceived as a threat by those "in league with the devil," so to speak. Sometimes it's someone(s) wanting to "get even" with a person because of perceived injustices--from present life or other lives. Sometimes it's because a black magician or sorcerer wants to tap into the power of the person targeted for his/her own nefarious purposes. (There are individuals who use the life force of others in order to continue to live because they are cut off from divine source due to their blackheartededness, although some of these get at least some of their power from the Dark Matrix of which they are a part.) Sometimes it's because one arranged such persecutions before coming into a life so as to learn and grow. Sometimes it's because of the nature of the work one is doing. Sometimes it's because a soul elected to engage in ritual magic, witchcraft, etc. and used such to manipulate and control people in other lives. Once a soul has aligned self with the dark matrix, then it can be difficult to extricate one's self.

How does one "get rid of" dark energy (and dark entities)? Rather than giving one's attention to getting rid of something, we would propose focusing on one's self--purification and ascension into higher/finer frequencies, etc. while mostly ignoring the dark energy/entities. It comes to mind, "If thine eye be single, then thy whole body shall be full of light" (The Holy Bible). This means to focus on the light and what is aligned therewith and not give one's attention where it is not merited. There are so many ways to do so, a large number of which we have shared. Intent, choice, decreeing, affirming, etc. accomplish a lot. Also important is being ever vigilant about what one reads, listens to, watches and consuming food of higher and lighter frequencies while at the same time eating a variety of foods so as to ensure the body is receiving the nutrients it requires for optimal wellness. Also important is not to associate one's self with persons who are vibrating at lower levels and engage in hateful, dark thoughts and deeds (other than momentarily as necessary to engage in commerce with these). Do not linger in their presence or in conversation with these. Engaging in communications or reading materials about such matters in order to enlighten one's self is, of course, NOT something we are advising against. It is just not to overly focus on such (as many do, we might add). Seeking and finding the core and root causes of being targeted by the dark side can be very helpful. Healing/clearing not only this life but the eternal life of the soul can work miracles. Over time (longer for some than others) and with commitment, perseverance, and consistence, one will achieve success.

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