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Saturday, August 28, 2010


August 28, 2010

During a meditation time of much love and bliss recently, I began asking Divine to use me to help humanity (as is my practice) and was interrupted by the message, "Heal the Earth."

Heal the earth? I'm enlightened sufficiently to know that every thought, word, and deed of one person affects the whole. Therefore, paying attention to what I think, speak, and do is important. I don't have much of a problem with the "doing." However, I do find negative thoughts in my mind (whether my own or those of others passing through--and they do). I'm aware that when I have a negative thought I can immediately neutralize it. I like to cover my bases (at least weekly if not more often) by affirming/decreeing that I am neutralizing all negative thoughts and imaginings that me and mine have created and are creating. If the reader would like to begin doing this, here is one suggested format: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am neutralizing all negative imaginings and all negative thoughts that me and mine have created and are creating on a full and permanent basis now." The "me and mine" is used so as to cover all facets of the person, including subpersonalities (which 99.9% of all souled humans have).

To heal the earth, one can affirm: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] decree I Am coming from love at all times, with all people, in all situations on a full and permanent basis now." And strive to do so until one is "on automatic pilot" in one's day-to-day life.

It occurred to me to just decree/affirm that I am healing the earth and allow the earth to utilize the energy flowing through my instrument in whatever way it chooses. One can do so in this manner: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am healing the earth now." It would be helpful if love emanates from one's heart in full measure and one intentionally radiates light through one's entire body out into one's environment.

If the reader feels uncertain with how to proceed with these suggestions, we are available to assist.

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