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Monday, September 06, 2010


September 5, 2010

Excerpts from a recent email conversation: I have heard close to me a gentle whistle (as in asking for my attention) and yesterday I heard another kind of whistle which seemed more feminine. I am endeavoring to remain calm and say that I am here to listen and barely hear some snatches of words. Are these first attempts at further, more personal, contact from my guardians or is it something else? What is the appropriate way of asking for contact and conversation? I wish I would be called home. I am so very tired of this life.

Response: There are several possibilities of what the whistling could be, although your intuition is what I recommend following. Could be your guardian angels and/or Divine Support Team trying to get your attention OR bleedthrough from other lives OR the thinning veil between dimensions/densities and overtones OR people in a group/circle practicing their techniques with you OR an individual projecting/extending to you and communicating OR people from home coming to visit you and attempting to communicate OR the Angel-Light team working with you OR something else. There are many things that could account for it, and the reasons aren't necessarily the same each time.

From my experience, many of us who are spiritually awakened and aware have times where we want to just drop our bodies and go on home. Been there, done that--lots of times. The question is: What is the Divine plan for this life? Many of us don't have a clue, some of us think we know, others of us know but still have questions arise. The key is to surrender to the will of Divine Source Self (and affirming and decreeing same), such as: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am aligning and attuning to my Divine Source Self and surrendering to Divine will on a full and permanent basis now."

As far as asking for contact and conversation, address "Divine All That Is" and ask for a clear channel so that you can send and receive and have constant communion. Also, follow the axiom, "Act as if." Become as a little child again. "Play like." Pretend. Talk aloud to whoever in Spirit is listening or specify. (If someone nearby overhears, just say you're talking with God.) I would caution here that the establishment of just who/what one wants contact with is important. Some walk and talk with Jesus and feel peace and love in that relationship--esp. in the early years of spiritual awakening. The closeness, the intimacy, the heart love is what we're all seeking. I receive that through Divine energy infusions that sometimes feel as if I'm almost floating in bliss. The thing is, the best of those come when I don't ask for them. Ask for these, such as, "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I Am calling forth and asking for a Divine energy infusion for me and mine now." When I ask for info about my own self, I ask "Highest Source of Truth" and "Divine Support Team." When I ask for info about others, I ask "Angel-Light Team."

If we have not adequately answered these questions for readers, please feel free to question. We are at your service.

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