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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


September 7, 2010

Back in the 1980s, new neighbors moved across the street from where I lived in a Dallas suburb--one house to the side of the house directly across. I recognized the lady of the house from wholistic events in North Central Texas. About the same time, I noticed a large circle of brown, dead grass (5' or 6' across) in the back yard of beautiful green grass. From what I had heard and read, I suspected a UFO had landed there. Despite that, I decided to stand in the middle of the circle. When doing so, I felt the radiation strongly. It took weeks for the grass to begin growing again in that circle.

The grass had begun to grow in the circle before an occasion arose to speak with the new neighbor and show her the circle, which was still very discernable. She said, "I attract ETs wherever I live." I responded, "So do I!" During those few years at that address, when in bed, I became aware enough to notice two pretty women leaning over me and examining my body and commenting on its condition--one blonde and one brunette. One comment was about my "garlic breath." (Love that garlic!) I assumed these women were ETs or other dimensional residents. When I became more awake, I couldn't see them anymore.

The neighbor directly across the street had already told me of some strange happenings in and around her house. This happened because she came to my door one day to interact. When I opened the door, she asked if I was available because she heard people talking in the background. I told her that I was alone and that I heard the people talking a lot and just ignore it. She said that there was once a farmhouse on the lot where that house was built. She said that every family that had ever lived in the house next to her either had a family member die there or divorced. She knew because they had purchased their home new and lived there many years. The wholistic family didn't live as our neighbor very long. Yes, the couple split up. They experienced a lot of supernatural events while there. One day the teenage daughter of the wholistic neighbor was in the bathroom at the vanity with a girlfriend when they heard an awful noise and saw a "monster" walking in from below--but not through the door. Obviously, there was a portal in that room. And, obviously, the veils between space-time dimensions were thin in that area.

About ten to fifteen years ago, I met a young man who grew up in that neighborhood through a mutual friend. One day as a teenager, he and a girlfriend were on the playground of an elementary school when he saw a big bear-like creature (but definitely not a bear) walking toward them from several yards away. He grabbed her by the arm and they got out of there as fast as they could. Such a creature had also been experienced by my son in that neighborhood. We were all asleep when he called out that something was on top of him and he couldn't move. I went in to lie beside him, and the creature moved onto me. It was a bear-like being. I sent him on his way. I have only a few memories of the first half of the 1980s. Since then I have read plenty of reports of these creatures being sighted and being seen coming through or going into portals. There are portals between dimensions. If you google "dimensional portals," "portals into other dimensions," and "time warps," you can find many places to read more on the subject and videos to watch. Ignore those that are fiction-related (movies, etc.) and read those that are more scientifically-based or are about experiences of various people.

Many times what people call extraterrestrials (ETs) are residents of earth's other space-time dimensions. Some of these (both ET and residents) look the same or much like we here in 3D and we would not visibly recognize them walking on the street (although we who are very sensitive can often pick up on their presence). Others are distinctly humanoid but definitely not the same as we and could be recognized. Still others are very different in appearance and stay hidden from view the majority of the time.

It has been reported that we as a human race carry the DNA of 22 to 26 various extraterrestrial races (depending on the source). Several participated in the initial seeding of the planet, and there have been additional DNA manipulations since then. And, no, "God" didn't create man/woman 6,000 years ago! To those who make such a claim, I would suggest getting an education through the study of ancient religions and holy writings, mythology, anthropology, archaeology, etc. And read up on so-called UFOs and UFO experiences of people as well. Education can eradicate darkness and ignorance and all actions based on same.

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