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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


September 14, 2010

Email communications with one person and telephone calls with another person recently led to a decision to post here about grounding. I have noticed this month that sometimes when I stand in one place for a while, I begin swaying more than usual, which is a symptom of being ungrounded. It occurred to me that I may now be more grounded to the New Earth than the old because that has been one of my intentions for several months now. One of my affirmations/decrees is: “I Angel-Light Decree I Am entering the time line of the new earth and preparing for miracles now.” I also use the following which I shared in a recent blog about the New Earth and want to share again in this blog: “I Angel-Light Decree I Am aligning and attuning me and mine with the New Earth grid on a full and permanent basis now." And: “I Angel-Light Decree I Am vibrating in resonancy with the New Earth grid on a full and permanent basis now." One can also affirm/decree: “I Angel-Light Decree I Am placing me and mine in vibrational resonancy with the New Earth grid on a full and permanent basis now.” I affirm/decree before these (and often during the day): “I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am.” Just substitute your name for mine to make use of these decrees/affirmations for your own self.

We have been asking how grounded a person is on the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis. It has occurred to me that perhaps we need to differentiate between grounding to the New Earth and grounding to the Old. So I did one of my surveys—of about 35 people this time—supporters and also well-known spiritual healers and teachers (some of whom write about the New Earth and the move from the old to the new), among others. I found that some people are actually more grounded to the New Earth than the old—some majorly so (including my own self). The two numbers don’t necessarily add up to 100 for everyone, with the difference being a state of ungroundedness. And, yes, I was more ungrounded than anyone on my list--although still much more grounded to the New Earth than the old. My ungroundedness seems to be a result of work I've asked for and have been receiving. I tend to go about my own change work in a more intense way than with others. There is a stabilization time afterward.

If someone wants to say, "Beam me up Scottie! Take me out of here!", then focusing on grounding to the New Earth grid may provide some relief from the trials and tribulations of this world. I have a feeling that once one becomes more grounded into the New Earth than the old, life will be easier for those who feel out of place and time and have difficulties being in the old earth paradigm. However, the transition may bring up a few, temporary, unpleasant side effects.

We have several grounding processes in handout form that are available for supporters of this ministry. We have published some of these on this site heretofore. You may want to use the search mechanism and key in "grounding." The blog site will pull up all blogs related, but the most valuable on the subject may not be the first. You may also have to click on an icon at the end of those pulled up to get more. Enjoy!

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