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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


September 7, 2010

Recently, when watching a youtube.com video of an interview of Sargeant Major Robert (Bob) Dean of several years ago, I became aware of Marcia Schafer MBA (his love-mate) and also listened to an interview of this "entrepreneurial business consultant teaching entrepreneurial recareering and business repositioning," who has diverse experiences in medicine, science, and business, and who speaks on consciousness, futurism, business, and the reality of the extraterrestrial presence. I always keep writing materials at hand when listening to speakers on topics of interest. When I heard Marcia speak of "beings with negative agendas," I wrote the words down to reflect on and examine later.

Beings with negative agendas. Beings with negative agendas. I added "and all that is theirs" and came up with something that I've been using when facilitating clearing and healing in lieu of various other terms ever since. "Beings with negative agendas and all that is theirs" just about covers it all, doesn't it?

When examining Marcia Schaefer's web site ( www.beyondzebra ), I found it to have a focus of business pioneering, spirit life, alien reality, and pet communication. Marcia's book, "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist," has two parts. The first is about her experiences, and the second is information she received. Chapters in the Part 1 include: In the Beginning (The Earliest Contact Visits); We Are Part of a Larger Consciousness (My Guardians Reveal My Other Lives and Teach Me how to Fly); Proof Beyond a Doubt; Cosmic Messages of Encouragement; Who's Out There (Physical and Nonphysical Bodies, Highup Multidimensionals, Overlords, and "Mel"); Different Species, Different Ways (Communication Processes, Translation Errors, Where They Hide, Manipulation); The Nature of Reality (Parallel Realities, Dimensions, the Oversoul, Archetypes); Our Genetic Legacy (the Genetic Code, Origins of Man and Races, Future Mutations); You Thought You Slept All Night (Passing Through the Veils, Exit and Entry Points, Nighttime Lessons); Lessons for Mankind (They Are Here Now, the Need to Exercise Good Judgment). Topics covered in the second part include: false prophets and big egos, the evolution of man, wormholes, illusions of wealth, representations in a one world government. Marcia added an epilogue to the second edition (2002) titled "The Politics of Disclosure."

Marcia Schafer's "Confessions of an Intergalactic Anthropologist" is a must-have book for me, and I have added it to my wish list.

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