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Monday, September 20, 2010


September 20, 2010

Recently, a supporter who had removed himself/herself from the business world several years ago while he/she lived off savings and explored spirituality wrote that he/she had exhausted his/her savings and was wondering how to proceed in this materialistic world. His/Her guidance was: "Focus on serving others and you will be happy."

One can focus on service no matter what profession one is in. It's about where one is "coming from" and conscious intent. Some of the decisions of one focusing on service in a business environment might not be acceptable to those who are greedy and focusing on getting and service to self. However, there is a center point where one can be balanced and benefit the business organization while serving. One person focused on service in a company (whether large or small) can make a huge impact for the better. I have counseled people over the years not to throw their whole "spiritual package" out there (and I might say "to the wolves") but to feed business associates a teaspoon or cupful at a time depending on how much they can accept without terminating an association, which can stretch their awareness and expand their consciousness just enough to allow them to remain in one's association.

There is a difference between selling one's soul down river by returning to the business world and serving as a "divine implant" in the business world to awaken those asleep. It's how one thinks and feels about it. If it is approached from an attitude of service as well as a mission to plant seeds of enlightenment, then the world is a better place. It's a choice and up to the individual contemplating choices in expectation of making a decision. Often, there is no right nor wrong, but just a choice.

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