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Thursday, October 14, 2010


October 14, 2010

Just read a short paragraph in one of the emails I regularly receive about resistance. I've long been aware that although one might consciously want something, there could very well be unconscious resistance to the conscious desire. If the individual is cognizant of being a soul living in a body with a mind, then the resistance is usually of the major or minor personalities of the human body-mind unit.

There are also times when the ego (personalities) want something and it is not congruent with soul's will/plan. Ideally, the soul consciousness and the body mind work as a team, which means there has to be some "give-and-take," and compromises. For many years, I lived mostly (but not totally) with the intention that my goals, my mission as a soul took precedence and the desires of the body-mind were ignored if they were incongruent with my plans. The body does have a mind of its own. What comes to mind for me is the body's desires taking over when in the presence of a certain man for about twelve years off and on. I the soul would push him away and the body-mind would invite him back. I still smile when he comes to mind.

Over time, I have learned the importance of a partnership between soul and body-mind/ego and compromises. My giving up the "traveling angel" lifestyle and leasing living space is one such compromise. The decision was helped along by the fact that the automobile was unsafe to drive and wouldn't pass the state inspection (and so it was released in January). The plan is to return to the "traveling angel" lifestyle part time once another Lightmobile manifests. In the meantime, I very much miss the "traveling angel" lifestyle and find myself living only 25% according to my plan for this life. This is very difficult for me. I ask, I work on me and mine (soul and ego/personality/body mind), and I wait for the time when the keys to my Lightmobile are in my purse and it is parked outside my apartment.

The little piece about resistance that I read this morning was a reminder for me to check me and mine for any resistance that might remain to the new Lightmobile and being a part-time "traveling angel." There was 40% earlier, and there is 20% now because I did a release after reading the reminder. In some matters, releasing resistance can be as simple as affirming/decreeing. In other matters, more in-depth work is necessary--from simply self-talk to conference room sessions (where reasoning is done and compromises made), which take more time and effort (and a healing facilitator can be helpful with these). Resistance can even come from other soul lives. And everyone knows that one's family can project negative energy toward one's goals if they are resistant to them.

We recommend beginning with the affirmation/decree (to do the easy thing first), as follows: "I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am releasing and clearing all the resistance of me and mine to __________--on a full and permanent basis now." After the decree/affirmation, take a slow deep breath in through the nose and let it out through the mouth. We would remind you that the term "me and mine" covers the various aspects of the body mind/ego/personality as well as the soul self.

Believe it or not, "money" is something many people have resistance to for various reasons. If you are having difficulty manifesting money or anything, you have nothing to lose by investigating and affirming/decreeing.

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Angel-Light Love
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