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Thursday, October 14, 2010


October 14, 2010

I read in a few places a long time ago that Blood Type A people were the original vegetarians and thrive more on vegetarian diets. Great news for this vegetarian of about 23 years (and 95% vegan now)! But what about everybody else?

I want to be clear that I want all people to be vegetarian--for several reasons. However, I've sensed for a long time that a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet might not be conducive to the wellbeing of some people and (horrors) even suggested to a couple of people who were trying to be vegan for philosophical reasons that perhaps they might not benefit from a strict vegan diet.

Recently I read some information downloaded into a person's consciousness from the seed/creator races (in the 1970s and 1980s) which revealed that only a portion of human bodies have evolved sufficiently to the point where they do NOT need to eat animals or consume animal products (to be vegan). I wondered just what portion of humanity has evolved to that point at this time and asked the Angel-Light team for the approximate percentage. Would you believe only 45%? I had thought it would be more!

There has some discussion over many years as to the correct definition of vegetarian and vegan. I've noticed in recent years there are people who eat fish and call themselves vegetarian! No, no, no! Vegetarians do NOT eat flesh of any kind or consume juices from flesh. There are vegetarian sub-types. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy products and eggs. Lacto vegetarians don't eat eggs but do eat dairy. I was a lacto vegetarian for many years before becoming 95% vegan. (Cornstarch is a great, inexpensive egg substitute!) Vegans don't eat any animal products at all, and the strictest vegans don't eat honey, a product of insects.

Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, one is to follow one's heart and conscience as much as possible and pay attention to what the body wants. Once after being vegetarian a year or so, a supporter took me out for lunch. I ordered and ate, and then found something in my throat that wouldn't go down and the body felt like it was rejecting something. Would you believe I didn't know at the time that red beans and rice (Louisiana style) contains flesh? Excused myself and expelled that contaminant so fast! Truth be told, I became vegetarian as a result of years of quality and quantity prayer and meditation time, which raised my vibration sufficiently that I didn't really desire animal flesh, although I would eat it occasionally just because it was convenient or to be polite. The last time I was considering doing that (in 1987), I was alone in a room of a house and swear I heard a booming voice admonish me,"Thou shalt not eat flesh!" Point made! Several weeks or months before that, I had gone to the doctor with pains in the muscles of the body. He really didn't have a diagnosis but wrote a prescription. (How often does that happen?!) Was conversing with next door neighbors about it, and they urged me to read two books (which they loaned me) before I filled the prescription. Turns out they were vegetarian, and the books provided sufficient information for me to realize that the hormones and chemicals in the meat I was eating might be causing the muscle pains. Once I stopped eating flesh and changed my diet, the pains disappeared (although it took several weeks).

Let's return to the subject of one's conscience. If you haven't seen "Food Inc," it is available on DVD, and I strongly suggest it. There are videos on YouTube and massive amounts of literature about factory farms. It's more than enough to lead anyone with a conscience to at least limit one's meat and dairy consumption to products from family farms. Dear Ones, educate yourselves!

There are alternatives. Why not begin with leaving off the eating of all mammal flesh (those who bear live young)? After all, we are mammals, so why are we eating other mammals? There may come a time when one will want to forego chicken flesh and be vegetarian except for eating fish (and people who eat fish are NOT vegetarian). The next step, would be to stop eating fish but still consume dairy products.

So what can a person of conscience do if his/her body seems to need animal flesh and animal products for good health? Maybe the body is just not getting a varied enough diet. There is much information about nutrition in books, magazines, and on the Internet. A major problem seems to be that a large number of citizens of the USA are "meat and potatoes" people and are consuming a lot of highly processed foods. Some people argue that it costs too much to eat vegetarian. It may be true that it costs more to eat organic, but most people choosing to be vegetarian in the USA can find a wide variety of foods (admittedly, many not organic) to meet the needs of the body. And there are various supplements available for those who want to ensure their bodies are getting adequate nutrition. I strongly recommend a basic whole food (vitamins, minerals, etc.) supplement for everyone.

Educate yourself about factory farms, and then ask your conscience what to do. What do you choose?

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