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Saturday, November 27, 2010


November 27, 2010

Email Received: From all the reports and emails I have been receiving, there are so many people under attack by dark entities. Even reputable teachers are talking about this. I have been feeling so wretched the past couple days--nauseated and so drained of any energy. I have been feeling like I am dying. Checked and found that I had some bad entities stuck in my energy field. Asked for assistance and prayed. Feel a little better now but still very fatigued. Wasn’t it you who told me a couple years ago when I was complaining about all the clearing I was doing that every level we shift up into has its own set of negative energies that would have to be cleared, too? If this is true, could you do a blog about this so I can send it out to everyone? This is so important to be aware of in order to protect ourselves. People need to know.

Response: I don't recall telling you this--at least not in those words. This may be what you're remembering: As one moves into higher consciousness and higher frequencies of existence, as one ascends, the internal stuff of many lifetimes comes up for healing and clearing and releasing. You can't take it with you! I can't emphasize this enough! We are purging and cleansing as we move through the ascension process. All that stuff can’t exist at the higher frequencies. With regard to this internal stuff, it is to breathe deeply, release, and let go--and affirm/decree you are so doing.

Now about the actual presence and interference and attacks of dark entities, there is more than one type of these, and the types of entities are dealt with differently. We do this in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process and we teach supporters of this Love-Light Ministry how to deal with those that are the least obtrusive and easier to process out of one's auric field. (Contact Angel-Light Love at angel.light.love.texas@gmail.com for more information.) Gay Hendricks suggests not to ask, "Why are they doing this to me?" but to ask one's self "How I am I setting it up so this is happening?"

One way one can be setting it up is living and being in vibrational resonancy to dark, lower-level activities and engaging in disrespectful, unloving conversations and activities with others. Are you into violent and pornographic movies and television programs? Do you laugh at jokes that people of lovingkindness find offensive? Think about it. If the soul has been engaged, in the present life or in other lives, in black magic, witchcraft, sorcery, satanism, and similar activities, then it can be extremely difficult to extricate one's self (which isn't to say it can't be done). Removing one's self out of vibrational resonancy with such dark, mean entities can help tremendously, although a habit of years can take persistence to change. One has to maintain the new frequency resonance vibration. We have written about this several times on this site (angel-light-love-healing.blogspot.com). I read some words of Esther Hicks' Abraham recently which stress that "withdrawal from the unwanted condition is necessary in order to release it from your experience, but it is also necessary to clear the resistant thought that pinched off the well-being to begin with." Most people on the spiritual path know that "What you resist persists." There's a fine line, so to speak, between focusing on something and just dealing with what presents itself in a nonattached manner.

Paramahansa Yogananda taught that focusing on the third eye, what he called the Christ Consciousness Center, would eliminate violations and interference by [dark and mischievous] astral beings. Indeed, this can move one out of vibrational resonancy with such entities, but who has time to sit and focus on one's third eye several hours a day? It can provide a respite from such things, with practice. Matthew 6:22 in The Holy Bible says: "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light" in the original King James Version and "The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light" in the New King James Version. People who practice meditation recognize that this means focusing on the third eye.

It takes a while to turn things around by focusing on the light, the Christ Center/Third Eye (seeing with "single eye") to turn things around. This ministry is about empowering people--not enabling people. If deeply troubled people aren't willing to consistently and persistently follow our suggestions for self-clearing and healing and self-empowerment, then we aren't doing these people any favors by providing clearing-healing services.

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Angel-Light Love
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