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Thursday, November 04, 2010


November 4, 2010

I have found when googling over the years since I got on the Internet in 2003 that more and more people and places around the world are using names the same as or similar to my own legal name--including creating web sites. Not a problem--unless someone is impersonating me. It seems that I was the first wholistic-type person with that name on the Internet.

When I first created a Facebook account a few months ago, I saw that there was someone locally in North Central Texas who had a Facebook account titled "Angel Light." No personal information was on the page, and there was no photo. I sent a courtesy email introducing myself and inquiring as to that person's identity. There was no response. I forgot about it.

For those who don't know, I officially began my ministry in the year 1990, although I was already serving as a healing/wellbeing facilitator unofficially. I changed my name to Angel-Light in 1991. In 2001, I changed my name to Angel-Light Love, with Love being the last name. Angel-Light Love is my legal name.

Yesterday, my Divine Support Team brought the "Angel Light" Facebook page to my attention in a very strong way, and I knew I had to take action. I went to the "Angel Light" page again and didn't notice anything of substance there. Actually, I don't know how he/she ended up as one of my Facebook friends. The person had written on the page that he/she preferred to assist people anonymously and that he/she was affiliated with a metaphysical center here in North Central Texas. There was no further information that I could find and, again, no photo. Would you allow a so-called "lightworker" to assist you anonymously without identifying himself/herself? I think not!

So I sent a message to all the North Central Texas wholistic healers and teachers plus practicing metaphysicians and networkers in the wholistic community of my concern that someone from the past might think that anonymous "Angel Light" was me and establish a communication or use services of that person. I said that if there was a photo so people would know it wasn't me, I wouldn't have a problem with it. I also informed people that I had messaged this person via Facebook months ago and had nothing back. Several hours later, my notice was sent to over 2,000 people in North Central Texas via a wholistic notice service.

I received several responses to my Facebook post about it and notification message to Facebook friends. The general consensus is that the anonymous "Angel Light" definitely raises a "red flag." Several have promised to be "on the lookout" for this person. One wholistic practitioner's initial response admonished me to look within myself to see how I might have drawn this experience to me (attracted it). After giving more details to him/her and assuring him/her that I sure did attract it and it could be considered a tribute or compliment, he/she understood my concern. I also was contacted by a person who had thought the person with the "Angel Light" Facebook page was me. No doubt there will be more responses to my notice.

Anyway, within an hour after I had sent those 40 or so messages notifying people about it via Facebook, the Facebook page of that "Angel Light" had been removed (unless he/she was able to block me from finding the page in some way). Also, the posts of that person that had showed up on my page were gone.

Done! Thank you my Divine Support Team for bringing this to my attention!

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Angel-Light Love
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