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Saturday, November 20, 2010


November 20, 2010

In my November 13, 2010 blog post, I shared a post from a member of one of my Yahoo groups and my response to it. I could have made my response a lot longer, but chose not to do so. He/She is trying to learn how to heal people by channeling energy. I repeat part of the questioning post here: Does anyone here have any experience with energy healing where one channels energy directly to the client? I ask this because I tried to heal myself this way, and I ended up "writing" a bunch of other people's vibrations onto my solar plexus area, and it doesn't feel good. I want to make [myself] feel like [I] did before that. I found images of people I thought had the vibrations I needed to re-load, and made my solar plexus resonate their energy. Not the smartest idea, but I was a tad desperate at the time. . . . I'm trying to get my energy to remember what it was like before and go back to that.

What he/she was attempting to do was match frequencies with the people whose images he/she viewed using her solar plexus and not getting desired results. One can match frequencies or at least raise one's own vibration by looking into the eyes of people one senses to have high frequency resonance vibrations. There are individuals who intentionally hold gatherings at which they stare into the eyes of their guests. I have never recommended so doing because there can be energy transfers made as well as hookups and connections. This is also one method used by beings with negative agendas to connect with others through people they are using--and the instrument may be well-intentioned and totally unaware of what is going on. Gurus have been known to transfer energy by looking into the eyes of their followers. I realize that looking into the eyes of someone with high frequency vibration might be beneficial. But how is one to discern?

A few months ago, I felt very high-vibration healing love energy flowing through my instrument and wondered what that would look like, so I pulled out my fairly new digital camera and snapped some photos of this higher-level aspect of my Multidimensional Soul Self (MSS) and chose what I considered to be the best photo to reprint for family members. When getting reprints, I discovered that when I looked at that photo made when my frequency resonance vibration was higher than average, my current vibration began to increase. I thought it must have been coincidence, but I played with it a while and realized that I could actually look into my own eyes and match my current frequency resonance vibration to that carried by the photo. So now when I want to raise my vibration, I look into my eyes in that photo, and the current begins flowing strongly, evidenced by pulsing in my body and sometimes the body swaying a wee bit. Whatever works!

The eyes are the windows to the Soul.

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