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Saturday, November 06, 2010


November 6, 2010

Received an email from a supporter friend (whom I first met in a Yahoo group in 2003) that she hasn't been engaging in spiritual practices for a long time and now seems to have difficulty, including connecting with her angels, guides, etc. As I responded, I realized that I was writing material for a pending blog on meditation.

If we want to quietly meditate after a long absence from so doing and can't seem to get into it, then it is not to be concerned, but just to keep on doing the preparation for meditation, such as putting on some soothing instrumental music, getting comfortable, deep breathing, etc., once or so a day, maybe twice on weekends. No big deal. At some point we'lll find ourselves easing into quiet meditation. During quiet meditation, if our mind begins to get noisy, we can take a few more deep breaths while saying to ourselves silently, "quiet mind, peace be still," in rhythm with the breath, just accepting and moving on.

Active meditation is easier, of course. I get myself comfortable in the recliner and deep breathe (in through the nose and out through the mouth for a few breaths to begin with), and begin affirming/decreeing that I am vibrating in resonancy with the frequencies of, for example, Christ Consciousness, peace and harmony, peace and quiet, calmness, miracles and blessings. (I have a long list.) I then affirm: "I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am." From time to time during my affirmations/decrees of vibrating in resonancy, I may say it again--or not, just: "I Am, we are vibrating in resonancy with the frequencies of ____________ now." I add the "we are" because I the soul living in this body want to include the body and its mind/personalities and we all have major and minor personalities). My favorite is: "I Am, we are, vibrating in resonancy with the highest frequencies of love and light."

And then I begin communicating with myself silently, gently, guiding myself into deeper states of relaxation, with such phrases as "With every breath you take, you are becoming more and more relaxed, more and more relaxed" (not "I" but "you"). Sometimes I'll even count down from ten to one, and make short statements/instructions in between numbers, such as "quiet mind." I give myself positive messages after I am sufficiently relaxed, such as, "You have every reason to expect that your [for example] finances will improve" and "You are beginning to feel better about being without an automobile, knowing everything you need is being provided now."

From time to time, I treat myself to a CD of guided meditations gifted to me by Brad Austen of Australia, titled "Meditation Magic." Brad has created several meditation CDs, and this is my very favorite. Some words of Brad about "Meditation Magic": "This CD is designed to assist you to utilize magic and spiritual alchemy to heal your life, obtain greater abundance, and achieve greater levels of wellbeing and peace. Ascended Master Merlin is your helpful guide on this journey of self discovery and healing. He will teach us how to use the powers of magic and alchemy to transform negative emotions and change our lives from ignorance into the gold of enlightenment. This CD also contains affirmations to assist you in changing your beliefs and emotional states from fear into love." There is an introduction and then six different guided meditations, including the subjects of relaxation, grounding, abundance, and going to Theta level. Personally, I like to start at the beginning and just experience them all. What a trip! Or should I say trips? You may prefer them one at a time. You can download Brad's meditations in mp3 format on his website and digital stores such as iTunes. ( www.bradausten.com/audio.htm & www.itunes.com/bradausten ).

Enjoy, in joy, joyfully!

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