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Friday, January 21, 2011


January 20, 2011

Abnormal cells in the pancreas? Lump in breast? Mental confusion? Swollen lymphs? Sprained ankle? Broken elbow? Anything else? All too often people tend to ignore the possibility that physical ailments can be healed with the assistance of one's Divine Support Team. You can substitute "by the power of prayer" for the words "with the assistance of One's Divine Support Team" if you wish.

There are specific formats that get the attention of Divine and Agents of Divine immediately when others don't succeed or take a while. For safety's sake and comfort, some physical needs are met slowly over time, while others are met immediately, with most somewhere in between as far as time is concerned. Others aren't met at all for various reasons. An example might be abdominal pain during the nighttime when the only allopathic medical care would be in a hospital emergency room and one needs to go there in order to meet a soulmate. So much of the goings on at this level of existence is orchestrated--more than even the majority of people on the spiritual path can imagine (about 55%, more or less).

The very first requirement for one to live hand-in-hand with one's Divine Support Team is to acknowledge their existence (and the term "Divine Support Team" covers all types of beings in service to Divine). One first affirms several times firmly, powerfully, and aloud: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am." (Actually, it is suggested one speak the "I Am" several times throughout the day as a matter of course. It has many positive effects which we won't go into here--except to say that it links one to Divine in such a way that one "walks and talks with" Divine constantly.) Next there is the formal greeting (if one has yet to "officially" call upon one's Divine Support Team or is very new to the process). One night say (after the "I Am"): "Divine Support Team, I [your name] intend to establish a working relationship with you, so let's make it official. I [your name] decree I Am partnering with my Divine Support Team for the purpose of respectfully asking for and receiving assistance and for allowing intervention on my behalf that I may not know is needed--on a full and permanent basis now."

One can ask the opinion of one's Divine Support Team formally if one so desires, such as, "Divine Support Team, I'm wondering which pediatrician is the best choice for my children--Dr. White or Dr. Green. Will you please assist me in making this decision?" Of course, many of us are already accustomed to getting guidance (tangible or intangible) in response to our wonderings and in times of need without officially asking for it. However, those who aren't and want to get in the flow of asking for and receiving guidance can be assisted by the suggestions offered here.

One last and very important thing: If one has a physical ailment or unpleasant symptoms, doing as much research as one can and getting specific in one's requests for assistance can hasten the relief and healing. Perhaps the reader has read about mind techniques taught by medical facilities to patients with cancer, providing details to allow the imagination of patients to work more efficiently. The more details one knows, the more effectively one can pray and call upon one's Divine Support Team. And asking both for the termination of the physical pain (or disease) and the elimination of all the causes can be most effective.

We are by no means suggesting one forego allopathic medical care and opting instead for prayer and calling on one's Divine Support Team. However, these can complement (work in conjunction with) the care of a licensed medical practitioner. Stories abound of people being healed "miraculously" between the time diagnosed and a scheduled surgery, or ambulances delayed only to have the paramedics discover upon arrival that the problem no longer exists.

So here is the request format: "I Am [your name]. I Am That I Am. I [your name] Decree I Am calling forth, asking for, commanding, and giving thanks for __________ on a full and permanent basis now. And so it is."

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator