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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


March 2, 2011

Years ago I knew a Jewish gal with issues who didn’t want to hear the word “Christ,” which was difficult in my presence because when I teach/coach I use that term freely. “Christ” is translated from the Greek word “christos” or “kristos,” which is from the Hebrew word “mashiach,” which means “the anointed one.” Also, the Hebrew word “mashiach” means “messiah” when translated into English. Yes, the one called Jesus in modern times in the English language is called “Jesus Christ” (aka “Jesus, the anointed one”). Many people use the name “Jesus Christ” consistently—almost like Christ is the last name of Jesus (aka Jeshua ben Joseph). As we have seen here, Jesus Christ means Jesus “the anointed one” or “Jesus the messiah”.

As with many terms and words, the word “Christ” has come to be used in a much broader sense, and I wasn’t referring to Jesus the Christ when I spent time with the Jewish gal. Generally, the term “Christ Consciousness” is used to indicate a level of consciousness with a vibrational frequency range. That is how I have used the term for many years. As for that Jewish gal, I didn’t see her around in the North Central Texas wholistic community for about ten years. When I came across her again, she had a close friendship with a minister (New Thought movement) who no doubt used the term “Christ” as much if not more than I do.

From my September 24, 2010 article on this site titled “Color Resonancy”: “In the ascended master teachings, the gold ray is the twelfth ray. It is the ray of Christ Consciousness. It is the culmination of all the lower rays merging into oneness with the Divine self. With the gold ray, one walks in two worlds: the earth and the etheric realms. One will know what one is doing on the esoteric level and will joyfully engage in one’s Divine mission. One will actively create one’s world on a highly conscious level.”

This year, after beginning to work with the “Gold Ray of Christ” more than ever before (on a daily basis, several times a day), I have experienced many benefits. One thing I’m doing is using the following affirmation so as to be protected as much as possible from any “backlash” as a result of the deliverance aspect of my ministry: “I invoke the Gold Ray of Christ for the total protection of me and mine from all negativity at all times and at all levels—on a full and permanent basis now.”

Another thing I do is a meditation-type process, using my imagination and speaking these words (softly aloud or silently) after getting very relaxed with deep abdominal breathing: “I Am Angel-Light. I Am That I Am. I Am moving all of me and mine and all that is within and around me and mine into the Gold Ray of Christ now.” (Imagine it.) When I feel there, I continue: “I Am, we are merging with the Gold Ray of Christ now.” (Imagine that.) Then: “I Am, we are taking on the frequencies of the Gold Ray of Christ now.” And then: “I Am, we are carrying the frequencies of the Gold Ray of Christ at all times on a full and permanent basis now."

A breath process is also beneficial, using the imagination and deep, slow breathing while silently affirming: "With every breath I take, I Am bringing the light energy of the Gold Ray of Christ into and through me and mine, filling my auric egg and energy field now." A recommended affirmation for reminding one's self on a daily basis is: "I Am living, moving, and having my being in the light energy of the Gold Ray of Christ at all times now." There are other ways one can work with the Gold Ray of Christ, of course, some of which have probably come to minds of ones experienced with creating their own decrees, affirmations, and processes. Feels wonderful! Enjoy!

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