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Monday, March 07, 2011


March 7, 2011

We have written several times previously on this site about the importance of vibration and making suggestions about how to move into higher vibrational frequencies and sustain them, including "Gold Ray of Christ" (March 2, 2011), "Tune In & Stay Tuned" (January 25, 2011), "Resonating & Vibrating" (August 19, 2010), "Expansion-Contraction" (November 2, 2008), and "Resonancy" (October 27, 2008). There are more--too many to list here. Today we will add yet another to the mix because, once again, I have been reminded that sometimes it seems people focus more on shielding against negativity rather than keeping their vibrations high--to their detriment, I might add.

So many times, spiritually and metaphysically oriented people forget and skip over some important basics that lift the spirit and raise the vibration. First, "become as a little child again"--play, laugh, sing, and dance. Facebook and also television comedies (which I make a point to watch) provide lots of opportunities to laugh. I like to keep bottles of children's soap bubbles around to "blow bubbles" outside. When there is enough wind, all you have to do is swing the bubble maker form around and watch the magic happen. I like to sing the children's songs, "This Little Light of Mine" and "Every Little Cell in My Body is Happy" (aka "The Cell Song"). I saved videos of groups singing both from YouTube to my computer's hard drive, but I don't need to start them playing to break out in song. And I'm not the only adult who sings them!

When I gave away a lot of houseplants that I'd created from cuttings last year, one recipient gifted me with a little gardening angel wind chime. It's tied to the chandelier light fixture in the dining area (where I also keep most of my houseplants). Since there is no table under it, my head sets it to chiming when I walk under it. Delightful! Moving the body purposefully can do wonders for raising one's spirits and vibration. I do some yoga-like stretching movements and exercises. My favorite way of moving the body is dancing to disco-type music, which I do in private. When weather permits, I enjoy walking barefoot on the lawn of green grass and walking in wooded parks nearby (the latter of which I do with shoes on). And, yes, I'm a tree hugger. Rubbing the back against trees feels good, too! Intentional nature time is therapeutic, healing, lifts the spirits, and can raise the vibration.

What does it for you?

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