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Saturday, March 26, 2011


March 26, 2011

Please consider this an addendum to our September 14, 2010 titled "Grounding," which we suggest reading before this piece. Within a few days after posting that article, I decided that it might not be such a good idea to be majorly grounded to the New Earth Grid and less so to the Old Earth Grid in order to work effectively and moved myself into 50-50 balance. Thanks to a healing facilitator I first made the acquaintance of in the 1990s, I'm now convinced that at this time of "separating of the wheat from the chaff," it's time to jump onto the New Earth and ground 100% (which he/she has). Doing so is just a matter of intention for some people, but also a matter of raising one's frequency resonance vibration for others.

I'm aware that The Holy Bible mentions and discusses "the new heaven and new earth" in Psalm 102:26, Isaiah 65:17-25, II Peter 3:10-13, and Revelation 21:1-8 (and perhaps in other places), but presenting such information is not pertinent to this discussion. However, reader might want to check those scriptures as a matter of interest.

A major benefit of grounding to the New Earth is that, after a certain point, it will put one out of frequency range of a lot of the negativity of the Old Earth--psychic abuse, attacks, oppression, etc. (and we're aware of many people suffering in such ways at this time--seems to be on the increase). As we've discussed on this site heretofore, there are activities one can engage in to raise one's frequency resonance vibration, and there are those that lower one's vibration. So, obviously, one is to make a conscious decision to do things to raise one's vibration--such as quiet time in nature, staying away from crowded places with loud music, not watching television programs and movies with a lot of violence and description of crimes and discussions of disputes, refraining from the consumption of flesh foods, etc. For one to affirm and decree without also following these and similar guidelines mentioned is like casting seeds upon stone.

Here we will provide a formula for gaining access to the New Earth and "living thereon." Many will be familiar with the some of the words used as introductions, but it is important they be repeated here for readers unfamiliar with this ministry.

"I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I [name] Decree I Am attuning to the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am aligning with the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am vibrating in resonancy with the frequencies of the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am entering the time line of the New Earth Grid and preparing for miracles now. I [name] Decree I Am moving onto the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am grounding to the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am merging with the New Earth Grid now. I [name] Decree I Am abiding in the New Earth on a full and permanent basis now. And I Am grateful! Thank you!"

One must speak words aloud with powerful intent with as much strength as one can muster. We suggest speaking these words on a daily basis as long as it takes to sense a shift--and longer if one wishes, so as to firmly engage one's self with the New Earth.

I'm moving 100% onto the New Earth Grid. Won't you join me?

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Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator