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Saturday, March 19, 2011


March 19, 2011

For years I have known that psychic disturbances within one's body and in one's environment are often evidence of one's suppressed, disowned, disallowed, and denied thoughts, desires, feelings, experiences, etc. (some of it we consider "dark" and unacceptable) buried in the subconscious, some of it originating in the tender, formative years of childhood. One can actually have fragments of one's self at loose in the environment. The ego/personality (or personalities, including subpersonalities) can attack from within. Indeed, we have found several people in recent years to have disturbances originating all or mostly from within instead of outside themselves as they claimed. These originating within are the personalities expressing their frustration, displeasure, and anger at their fears and concerns being suppressed and ignored rather than acknowledged and considered.

Recently, someone posted a piece by Daniel Jacobs (www.reconnections.net) in one of my Internet groups titled, "Dealing with Psychic Disturbances." I value the information that comes through/from Daniel Jacobs but hadn't been to his web site in quite some time, so I took a few minutes to click on some links and read some more. I highly recommend going there and reading. Much useful information is presented.

As a result of my reading at www.reconnections.net, I checked out a few people who have complained of psychic disturbances over the last year or so. A couple people are being majorly targeted by a modern-day black witch. However, one of the two is troubled almost as much from inner disturbances. You might say he/she is doubly afflicted. Another person we checked has had issues with psychic attacks for years. We and others have provided some relief and respites; however, based on my knowledge of this person's history, until he/she undergoes extensive subconscious/ego work with a skilled and experienced therapist, long-term relief is probably not going to occur. From the mention of only these two cases, the reader will have a better understanding of the topic.

These days, when someone complains of psychic attacks on their person and psychic disturbances in their environment, we investigate to determine what percentage is internal stuff and what percentage is external (the latter of which is usually being targeted by people with little or no conscience engaged in ritual magic, witchcraft, sorcery, etc.--some with personal vendettas and some just practicing their skills).

From my discussions with others and reading of people's opinions and symptoms on the Internet over the last year, it seems that the buried stuff of many people is coming up for processing and clearing in preparation for ascension to the New Earth. (I and many others have seen images and been given information about the earth separating into two wholes, not breaking apart, and one moving into a higher-level existence.) We can't take it with us. If we haven't done enough of our inner work, which moves the vibration to higher, finer levels, then we can kiss the New Earth goodbye, so to speak.

Suppression and denial of one's "dark side" is no longer an option. It all is to be brought up into the light of day and dealt with--transmuted and transformed.

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