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Sunday, April 17, 2011


April 17, 2011

I recommend www.infinitebeing.com, which is the web site of Owen Waters. Just read the following “Inner Connect Technique,” which is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of Owen’s new book.

“The Inner Connect Technique: Step 1. Turn your attention away from the outside world and focus within. Step 2. Know that you know. At a soul level of awareness, you already know the best solution. Step 3. Focus on your soul awareness and ask it to show your conscious mind the answer. Step 4. The first idea that pops into your head is the answer. If a second idea follows, ignore it. It’s the first one that counts.”

Reading about this technique inspired me to write (because I had spent time yesterday contemplating the meaning of the term “corrupt soul,” conferencing with my Divine Support Team and the Angel-Light Team, reading on the subject, etc.) What if a soul is corrupted? If a soul is corrupted, is one going to get true and correct from one’s soul awareness as Owen Waters suggests? It’s something to think about.

With all the rock groups and video games with strange names, doing an Internet search on some terms is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Such was the case with the term “corrupt souls.” I know what the term means, but I always like to go to the dictionary for more exact information. Here are some definitions of the word “corrupt” found in my old Merriam Webster dictionary: to change from good to bad in morals, actions, or manners; to degrade with unsound principles or moral values; to alter from the original or correct form or version.

I realize that there are some differences of opinion about the definition of the word “soul” in spiritual and religious teachings, but let’s just go with the term itself in this discussion. There are many well-know philosophers, intellectuals, and similar types who have written on the subject of corrupted souls. Let’s just assume that corrupted souls are souls which have been altered from the original or correct form or version. Using this definition, one might see that corruption is not necessarily a terrible thing—depending on one’s definition of “soul” and other variables. Then we would need to use the term “negatively corrupted souls” in order to be accurate when checking someone out for soul corruption. But then one’s definition of “negative” might be different than that of someone else. It’s back to the term “corrupted”--plain and simple.

Made a list and checked various people out yesterday—current and past supporters of this work, wholistic practitioners, politicians, etc. (so as to have a variety). While surveying and asking for the percentage of corruption of the souls of the fifty or so people on the list, I kept getting corrected from “soul” to “soul group.” I know why, but this is not the place to go into a long discussion of soul groups. It helps to keep in mind that only a portion/fragment of your soul is embodied as you and that your soul is also otherwise engaged elsewhere.

During my survey, I asked for the degree of contamination of the soul group of each person. If we assume that soul corruption is a negative thing, some of the people on the list with high percentages of corruption are no-brainers (such as murderer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer in the USA). And some of the people with a low level of self-corruption is understandable (such as Lisa Renee, whose work I recommend). Yet, there are some with a high level of soul corruption but that the average witnesses of their lives wouldn’t recognize. After all these years of spiritual healing engagement, I have learned to recognize it far more than the average person is able to do so.

How does a soul become corrupted? Oh, there are so many ways this can happen. After being involved in spiritual healing activities for many years, I’m still learning. Engaging in warfare which involves killing of others can do it. A person may not be doing killing and torturing people in this life but may have done so or be doing so in other lives. What the soul experiences and actions the soul takes in other lives does impact the present life. One’s soul can also be corrupted by activities of the dark side—both engaging in these one’s own self and by being targeted by others engaging in such activities. There’s a lot more information about this but not enough space to do it justice here.

The purpose of this piece is to assist the reader in understanding how beneficial spiritual healing can be. It occurs to me many times that if people only knew how much their lives could be improved by spiritual and energy healing and clearing, my email boxes would be full of communications from people requesting services. I continue to receive words of appreciation.

I’m not sure if I’m going to include the percentage of the soul group’s corruption in the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis. However, we will specifically address the decorruption of the soul group in the Divine Reconnective Healing Process. (Both of these have become more thorough and time consuming since we first began offering them several years ago.)

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Angel-Light Love
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