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Monday, April 04, 2011


April 4, 2011

From email received: I seem to have issue with--whatever the correct term is--psychic vampires or energy drainers either in spirit or in flesh. Not sure if I attract and allow or they are just drawn to the light. I get physically drained from that for sure.

Response: You'll find a lot of information about this subject on this site. Obviously, it’s time for another piece on the subject. There are people who publish how to protect yourself from people who drain your energy and make disparaging comments about those people. Then there are people who literally preach the so-called law of attraction. My advice is to ignore them all and look at it from a positive point of view.

You see, whoever/whatever drains one's energy is serving as an "angel" (messenger) because if anyone (seen or unseen) can drain one's energy, then that means one's channels and circuits are congested or blocked and one needs to clear and work on one's own self to prevent stagnation and disease. Some of us need to clear our energies often--others of us not so often. And this is where that "drawn to the light" comes in. Yes, if one is carrying a lot of light, "unseen ones" will be drawn to it like fleas, so to speak. However, if enough do that, and they’re not properly processed, then one's channels, circuits, etc. are interfered with even more. If one's channels/circuits are congested or blocked for a lengthy period of time, then disease follows. This is one reason that people who are physically active have a better quality of life overall. Once a person gets in the rocking chair or wheelchair or takes to the bed for a lengthy period of time, without physical activity and the stimulation that interaction with people provides, then we witness that one "going downhill" (in the majority of cases). The deterioration process goes more slowly for people who spend many of their waking hours in a chair at a desk. The flow of energy through the body system is slowed. However, even people confined to beds without any mobility to speak of can do some things to get energy to moving. This involves the imagination, and there has been increased mobility after a time for those employing the imagination in specific ways. Indeed, imagination and will power can go a long way to achieving results.

It is so important to keep the energy moving through freely. People whose jobs have them moving around a lot--construction workers, for examples--usually don't have a problem with that. People whose jobs have them in an office at a desk seem to need to prime their pumps, so to speak, and clear on a daily basis. People who live alone seem to benefit from self-clearing, too. I have been known to tell people who don't have pets to get some houseplants and nurture them--open the heart, feeling love for them, caressing their leaves and stems (close but not touching) on a daily basis. After several days or a few weeks, one begins to feel the energy flowing through. Dancing or working out to music also helps.

There are other reasons one's flow can be slowed down or blocked, which we won't go into here. Instead, we will focus on clearing. Using movement and breath go hand in hand when focused on clearing energy blocks. One starts with intent and affirms the intent, such as: "I Am [name]. I Am that I Am. I Am releasing and clearing all interferences and obstructions in the flow of life source energy through my being." Here’s a way one can prime one's energy pump: Take several rapid breaths in and out through the mouth, making sure to pull the air down into the abdomen. You will usually see your abdomen expand when inhaling and retract when exhaling. If not, purposefully make that happen. Repeat silently to yourself over and over: "I am energized. I am vitalized." Here's another useful technique: Stand with your arms hanging beside your body. Take a deep breath and swing them out and up until they almost meet over your head, holding the breath. Then swing them down the front of the body as far as they'll go, at which point you swing them out again and exhale. At that point, one can clear one's field and get the energy moving by swinging and slinging one's arms around one's body in the areas one can reach, breathing fully and freely. Some imagine the arms and hands as brooms. Some sensitive people notice stuff coming off them—including a gooey-like substance.

Here’s yet another process: Set your intent to clear your person of all blocks and congestions. Then imagine a ball of sparkling golden light about three feet above your head. Imagine it coming down to rest on the head, and then move slowly (but not too much so) down through your body, filling every part of it and leaving golden light filling you, finally exiting at the feet and going deep into the ground, taking all the trash out with it.

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