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Sunday, April 10, 2011


April 10, 2011

Email received: Hi there! This is [name] from the __________ group [a Yahoo group]. I am working my healing techniques, I mainly want to be a long distance healer (channel). I've been trying out different ideas. One I was a little uncomfortable with was the use of the violet flame, even though it made me feel very good, and also I was unable to visualize very well. I just don't know this Saint Germaine and am a little hesitant. I've tried different things, but for now I am having Archangel Rafael stand behind me and flow his energy to me and then to my heart and then out my hands to the person who needs help. Could you please tell me what techniques you are using? I hope to someday really have made a difference. Thank you.

Response: Happy Healing Love Energy to you! I awoke in this body with a mission in the mid-1980s and begin preparing for my ministry then. I came in with memories, knowledge, and information and "natural" abilities and others were downloaded and revealed over time. My love-light ministry is Christ-based. This isn't about being a traditional Christian but about Christ Consciousness, working with the gold ray of Christ, etc.

First, one is to have a sincere, heart-felt desire to serve the divine higher plan for humanity. Wanting to engage in healing activities to make money is NOT a divine motivation. The key word is to set one's boundaries (Christ Consciousness in my case) and then SURRENDER your life to service. If and when one's heart and motivation have "passed muster," then one will be provided what one needs to serve. One will be given divine downloads, directed to books and various people, etc. One will at some point sense high-vibration energy flowing through one's instrument in public places. It is not up to the divine servant to choose to work with a certain personage (in your case, Archangel Rafael); one will be assigned beings to work through one's instrument). You will be anointed and carry the energy frequencies of the lineage to which you are assigned or to which you already belong. Personally, I carry the frequencies of Christ Michael the Archangel and have a sword he gave me, an emerald cross, etc.

Some people choose instead to learn techniques and get certifications in various healing modalities with the intention to make a living at it, and some succeed. It's just a matter of their choice. I have no certifications or training in any modalities. The Angel-Light Team, of which I am a part, and the others of which are invisible to the naked eye, provide whatever healing assistance the individual needs as allowed by that individual's hierarchy. The attached services summary will give you an idea. In the Divine Reconnective Healing Process, which takes about twelve weeks to complete, more or less, in a safe, healthy way, we deal with a wide array of challenges. The services summary, which I have attached, provides general information about what is available through my ministry. If you haven’t already, go the blog site (which serves my purposes better than a regular web site could) and read all the information on the home page, including a few of the many testimonials we have received over the twenty plus years of this ministry.

You already have a sincere desire to assist others. We salute your intention. A wealth of information is available via the Internet (not all of which is true or correct, of course)—including information on St. Germaine. Extensive research into various healing modalities via Internet is recommended before you spend funds for training. Showers of blessings upon you!

At your service (locally and long distance), we are One known as Angel-Light. Our ministry is supported by donations. If you appreciate this article, you may want to show your appreciation with a donation.

Angel-Light Love
Healing/Wellbeing Facilitator