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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


May 25, 2011

From email received: Someone sent me a link to a web site that has an article about “firewalls to ascension,” which are energy implants that can be stuck in your body and prevent you from meditating and sabotage your life. I can't meditate because of the interference. Also can't remember my dreams, and I have had a lot of sabotage in my work. There is some kind of hard object in the center of my back that feels like a metal object. I can't reach, but can feel how hard It is when I use my back scratcher in the area where It Is. I am also struggling with my cigarette addiction. Quit for a few weeks when I got a respiratory Infection but now smoking again. Very frustrating! I feel there is some kind of implant or something that is sabotaging me from quitting. Then I received the email about “firewalls” from a friend. After reading, it had an “aha moment.” I called on Christ Michael the Archangel to remove it. I’m praying that it has been removed but will keep asking until I’m sure. What do you think about all this ? Thank you for your response.

Response: There's nothing unique or special about these so-called "firewalls to ascension." I read the article, determined that was the case, and consulted with the Angel-Light Team to confirm. Truth is, there are many different kinds of blocks and interferences that do what is described--which is why the Divine Reconnective Healing Process in its current form is so beneficial. However, when one with a lot of issues due to abuse and trauma beginning early in life (such as yourself) hasn't done "shadow work," fixes with such things as our Divine Reconnective Healing Process aren't going to be permanent and will provide only temporary relief--a few months at the most.

When creating or growing or building, there are steps to take. For example, if you're building an engine and you leave out a widget of some kind or install widgets in the wrong order, you're not going to end up with a running engine at all, or at least have one that is corrupted in some way. So then you dismantle it back through the steps, find the problem, and make corrections. If you insist on trying to fix the engine but skip some of the steps and failing to go back through the steps properly, you might get it to running, but it's not going to serve well and its lifetime will be shortened.

It's like a computer. Modern computers can be restored to a previous date--before its current problems began or one can address the issues in "patchwork style" (which can take a lot of time over days, weeks, months). One can get results until there is another glitch. Restoration takes less time and is less stressful. When there are many different issues with the computer, and it isn't clear when the problems began (and it often isn't), one can restore it to factory settings and then load software--starting all over again. Computers these days come equipped from the factory with an operating system, and you build on that. Can you understand how this can be applied to people? There is someone I’m working with currently who seems to be in need of a restoration, and we are making a plan for so doing at this time—restoring to previous dates until the issue is alleviated. We’ve never addressed someone’s major issues in such a way before, but it seems appropriate in this case.

Anyway, you can do the search recommended by the person who wrote the "firewalls to ascension" piece for yourself and see if you come up with anything or if that area you describe still seems to be the same. I get nothing about it for you particularly at this time except that sessions with an experienced psychotherapist who uses regression techniques (and not just talk therapy) to address traumas over the life would be quite beneficial.

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Angel-Light Love
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