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Thursday, May 05, 2011


May 5, 2011

Rhythmic, deep breathing in cadence with words spoken silently is a method of installing the words in one's consciousness and even in one's cells. (It’s also a means to relax and quiet the mind.)

Breathe slowly and deeply and rhythmically several times, engaging the entire trunk of the body in so doing. Once one is able to easily breathe in and out using the trunk of the body, one is well on the way to full-body breathing, which is very beneficial. Words of choice are thought silently to self--the first syllable on the inhale, the last on the exhale. A mantra I use is: “here-now, love-now, grate-ful” (which takes three breaths). Here are some suggestions for words to use when deep breathing, one syllable at a time, with the syllables divided by hyphens: peace-calm-calm-peace; cent-er-bal-ance; peace-quiet-quiet-peace; re-lax-at-ease; be-ing-here-now; re-lease-let-go; soft-ly-gent-ly. You can probably think of some more. I like to repeat a word group several times during one “breath session” (over and over again).

If the reader is unable to breathe with the entire trunk of the body, some breath practice is in order. It’s beneficial in so many ways. And if one’s shoulders are moving noticeably up and down, then practice until this is barely noticeable—if at all. You’ll begin to sense the benefits almost immediately.

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