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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


April 3, 2011

Ever find yourself reading something you’ve read many times before and gaining a different perspective—or even finding something you’d missed? I do! But then I’m curious about everyone and everything.

Just yesterday I was rereading some prayer/affirmation/degree recommendations in which the source, now deceased, had mentioning “converting the consciousness mix to 100% pure light.” I immediately thought of Osama bin Laden and wondered how much of his consciousness mix was 100% light before he died. Not much! Just 25% (measuring in 5-point increments). And then I thought about Saddam Hussein. I’ve always known that he was not as dark and evil as some people made him out to be. Found that 70% of his consciousness mix had been of 100% pure light.

Those who have followed my writing for a while are probably laughing at this point in anticipation of what I’m going to report next. Yes, I decided to do yet another of my surveys and made a list of our regulars—about 25 people and then added about 15 others (well-known people of various professions). When getting the information, I had a few surprises and some as I expected, more or less. Fortunately, out of the 25 people, the consciousness mix of 13 was 100% pure light. As one might expect, there are advantages in being able to “get a read” on people, getting certain basic information when they first show up in one’s life. Sigh! If only I’d been doing this throughout my ministry! Instead, I took people at face value, so to speak, believed they were who they said they were, didn’t subscribe to the idea that there is rampant evil in this world, etc. Because of what I had come into this world to do, my ignoring what I intuited and disbelieving my inner knowing (trusting instead in what people told me) put me in harm’s way a few times. If only I had trusted myself more. If only I had known then what I know now. Oh, well! One person with very little light who was very deceiving and manipulating comes to mind. At this point, his/her consciousness is 30% pure light (five points above Osama bin Laden). He/She is still deceiving and using people, taking their energy and their power in order to stay alive.

We have been obtaining the overall light ratio/light quotient of those who request the Soul-Personality-Energy Analysis. However, the light of consciousness is a different matter. We will be providing that information only if specifically requested to do so. However, we will address the conversion of the consciousness of all who receive the Divine Reconnective Healing Process. We are currently working on that for all our regulars.

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Angel-Light Love
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