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Saturday, May 21, 2011


May 21, 2011

This morning there is much joy as I listen to the “Bagpipe Music” station Pandora Internet Radio created for me. I didn’t know how else to ask for the kind of music I had in mind for this station. Pandora serves it up magnificently—bagpipes, fiddles, flutes, and other instruments used in the folk music of the British Isles. There hasn’t been one selection I’ve disliked since I began listening to this Pandora station (and I have several others). I could dance myself into exhaustion. Dancing in my chair as I write this. “Scotland the Brave” has always brought up strong emotion, even tears, for this born and bred Texan, child of born and bred Texans, children of—you get the idea. Why? It's about soul memories.

Many times we have written and taught of the importance of aligning and attuning with one’s divine soul, which allows for the soul to express and exercise dominion over the human body to which it has been assigned. We have processes we share in handout form to facilitate this and recommend goal-oriented focused meditation. When one denies there is no such thing as past lives or future lives, one is speaking the truth/reality of the human body-mind/ego/personality. However, when one has sufficiently “embodied” the soul who has dominion over the body, then the memories of other lives are more easily accessed.

We recently wrote about uniting the aspects of the soul in preparation for ascension. The soul divides itself/splits (sends portions of its essence out) in order to make the most of living as human in an earth cycle. It has been suggested in many writings, “Remember who you are and play the living human game lightly.” It is always to remember and affirm and decree: “I Am the Soul.” It is so!

A suggested affirmation is: “I Am [name]. I Am That I Am. I Am the Soul. I Am Light Divine.” Some choose to chant over and over again: “I Am the Soul. I Am Light Divine.” Very empowering!

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Angel-Light Love
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