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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June 28, 2011

Whenever I sense (and I am very, very sensitive) something unloving, unkind, hostile, dark, etc. in my energy field (and the field of most individuals extends out 55' and more), I use various methods to clear what is there. However, sometimes I'm so focused on a project that I postpone addressing the issues.

Such was the case recently. There's no excuse for attempting to ignore the strong, angry energy I felt increasing in intensity as I sat in front of the computer, but I did for an hour or so--until I "heard" someone say, "I got no damn place to go!" There was no more postponing what needed to be dealt with immediately and up from the chair I arose!

Normally, when people who are trapped or stuck ask for my assistance (because they notice the "soulkeeper signature" and "angel wings" in my energy), if I'm in the middle of something, I acknowledge their presence and ask them to stay around until I come to a stopping point. Not in this case! Calvin, which he told me was his name, needed help immediately. I also sensed he needed a little more explaining of the process of moving on/crossing over. I do not deal with every earthbound spirit in the same way but attempt to gently address their individual issues. In Calvin's case, I sensed it was okay to discuss his situation. His body had died in or as a result of an automobile crash on a particular Dallas area highway which can be called one of two names. When I used the name I normally use for it, Calvin corrected me. I was given by one of my ministry associates (unseen) that this happened about eight years ago.

After explaining to Calvin how he wasn't going to "hell" and wasn't going to "heaven," that those teachings are just a way for the powers that be to control humanity (which he appreciated), I filled him in on how things are set up and how the process of his return "home" would work. After calling in the transition specialists to rescue and deliver Calvin so he could get on with his life, I felt such a big release and a huge amount of love come in.

Sometimes what shows up are fragments of people whose bodies may still be alive who are handled in a different manner. There are actually several possible scenarios, so one isn’t to assume that all that seems to be lost/trap/stuck actually is. Again, each case is to be examined and dealt with appropriately.

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Angel-Light Love
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