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Thursday, July 28, 2011


July 28, 2011

Some people with extrasensory perception can see “through the veil” into what is going on all around at different frequencies. Fortunately, this isn’t a constant ability—not for most people, anyway—and can be turned on and off. For the rare individual who can’t turn off these abilities (of varying degrees), they can be more of a curse than blessing.

Stories abound of people in distress being rescued by people who appear “out of thin air” and disappear “into thin air”—people who seem solid and real to those who see them. There are other dimensional/density beings who can change their frequencies (and their appearance, for that matter) and “downstep” into our realm. In addition, portions of bodies, mainly hands and arms, have appeared to assist people here in some way. Sai Baba, who transitioned in India during the last few years, comes to mind (although there are others). Many people traveled from around the world to experience Sai Baba, and a large number of these reported seeing a hand and arm materialize from above to give Sai Baba an object or see Sai Baba’s hand and part of his arm disappear “into thin air” and reappear with an object.

A sweet, devout Christian woman told me a decade or so ago that one day she was driving her automobile a wee bit faster than the legal limit while following her regular route to her job when she “heard” a voice say, “Turn here.” It surprised and stunned her and she said, “I can’t turn here. I’ll surely be late for work if I do.” Then she witnessed a hand and arm grab control of the steering wheel to make the turn. When she had the steering wheel back, she had the good sense to drive another route to her job rather than her usual. Upon arrival, she discovered there had been a terrible traffic accident along her usual route about the time she would have been in that location had there not been intervention on her behalf.

It is more common for people with extrasensory perception to see what is normally unseen as “spirits.” Such is the case with this instrument. Two instances come readily to mind, although we have written of others heretofore. Keep in mind that there is a core group working through this body and many, many others “on call” and participating. We refer to ourselves as “the Angel-Light Team.” When a person surrenders one’s life to service and asks to be an instrument for the betterment of humanity and the conditions are right, we can work through that body. As one might expect, our arrangement is not unique. In fact, many times an agreement is made before the soul incarnates into a body. There are also those people at this level of existence who “sell their souls to the devil,” so to speak, and have service-to-self entities working through their instruments—even to the point of displacing the soul by varying degrees. But that’s not the subject of this piece.

Again, two instances come readily to mind. In the 1990s, when I was sitting on a bench inside a home, I made a statement that I was activating my merkaba (forget the exact words) and moved some energy to facilitate this. A male in spirit form, wearing long, white garments fell from above “out of thin air.” I don’t know who was more shocked—him or my own self. He gathered his composure and disappeared “into thin air” after we had a brief interaction. I can laugh about it now and so can he. In the first decade of this twenty-first century, when I was a “traveling angel” and having less material support than that to which I was accustomed and, thus, stressed, I had a similar experience. While sitting on a park bench in a quiet area, I felt something move and “heard” these words: “I can’t do my work here.” Then I saw a male “spirit” (also wearing long, white garments) walk away from this body and disappear “into thin air” a few yards away.

When conditions are appropriate and when invited, the “divine ones” support the higher plan for humanity (made in their “image and likeness”) by working through 3D bodies.

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Angel-Light Love
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